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Golden Globes

Did you see the Golden Globes last night?

I missed the red carpet and most of the ceremony. I really don’t care that I missed it, I’m sure E! will rerun it over and over so I’ll catch snippets of it if I can. I am actually looking forward to read all about the gorgeous gowns worn, in my favorite fashionista sites later today. There’s something about getting the info all edited and summarized that saves me from spending precious time in basic life “frivolities”.

What’s been on my mind about the Golden Globes is the speeches. Kate Winslet‘s composure and that accent that I’d die for. Claire Danes finally thanking her parents. Michelle Williams‘ sweet speech, just made me want to go and hug her. Joey, I mean Matt Leblanc going all numb and spooked (in my mind he’ll always be Joey). Sofia Vergara speaking spanish as her “Gloria” character would do, hilarious. Meryl Streep (in her rodeo “gown”) lovely and fun with that “my agent and god” line.

I didn’t see them all but those are the ones that stuck on my mind.

It must be a nerve-racking moment when you finally hold your award in your hand and stand up in front of the mic. All eyes and ears on you. Can you even think on moments like those?

What would you say if you won a Golden Globe or any of those famous awards?

Lets pretend for a moment that we are all dressed up and looking pretty and gorgeous. Me in my fabulous Elie Saab gown and shoes and Harry Winston timepieces. (a girl can dream!) Gorgeous Kate Beckinsale and George Clooney present the award and they say: “And the Golden Globe goes to: MJ @Bloggeretterized!” 😛

dun dun dunnn

The moment has come. Get up, try not to trip on the stairs and stage, grab the Golden Globe, kiss Kate and George of course, walk up to the mic and boom: What do you say?

As much as you prepare yourself before the show, nerves have to get you. I’ve never seen anyone accept an award and just go and recite something without stuttering or even saying wow.

I think my acceptance speech would be something like this:

Thank you God for all your blessings.
Thank you to my beautiful family without your support, teachings and love, I would be nothing.
Thank U, my one and only* for giving me a shoulder on which I can rest my head and feel at home, in peace.
Thank you to all the people who have stood behind me all through the years.
I am honored to have been considered and chosen to win this award. I humbly thank you and will never forget this. Thanks for giving me one hell of a story to tell the grandkids. Good night.

*Yes, I will thank my one and only…because when I win any award I will have my one and only beside me…yes my “one and only”, I’m corny and a hopeless romantic like that.

Anyway, I think I would say something in the lines of what I wrote. The real question is, with all the nerves and emotion, would I remember everything?

We’ll find out when I win an award. I sure will keep you posted when that happens.

What do you think would be your award acceptance speech?

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