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What is it about Sundays that make you want to eat yummy things?

We usually eat yummy stuff for lunch in this household on Sundays.

Today was a French Toast Sunday for my tastebuds at breakfast. As I was devouring the sweet messy bread+egg+honey+sour cream+grape jelly combo, as I felt the explosion of flavors invade my mouth and my entire soul, it occured to me that if I enjoy eating french toast so much, why don’t I have it more often?

The answer: laziness. Plain and simple.

Sundays are “be lazy and chill out like there’s no tomorrow” days for me. At least in the mornings. It’s OK to be lazy and chill out, but life is too short to let go of precious seconds you can make more enjoyable.

So, during my sweet messy epiphany I decided that since there are so many French Toast recipes out there, I will make an “effort” 😛 to try them out.

French Toast image from Weheartit

How yummy does this look?

My French Toast recipe is very basic:

  • Mix eggs, milk, vanilla extract in a bowl. No measurements, it’s all done like we say in spanish: “al ojímetro”, meaning your eyes do the measurements (you pronounce it: al+oh+he+metro in case you’re wondering) .
  • Soak bread slices in the mixture.
  • Fry bread slices in a pan with a lot of butter (beurre beurrre beurre, Julia Child would be so proud!) until golden brown.

I usually eat 4 slices of french toast. 😛  Between each slice, I like to pour lots and lots of whatever fruit jelly we have around and sour cream. I top my french toast tower with honey, no maple syrup, just plain ol’ made by bees honey. I really don’t care what Jillian would think of this! HA!

My french toast recipe is just that: sweet, simple and very basic. It’s time to give my tastebuds a revolution in the french toast department. I’ll try to make sundays from now on, French Toast Sundays. I’ll keep you posted on my yummy adventures.

What’s your favorite french toast recipe? Let me know, so my tastebuds can check it out! 😛

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