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Coming up with a blog name should be easy.
You shouldn’t have to think too much about it.
But no, it turns out that it’s quite an important decision, that you have to be pretty sure of, because it will define your online life.
It could get a little too time consuming for my taste.
Especially when whatever name you come up with is already taken by another blogger/ette.

Everyone out there tells you that your blog’s name should be short, memorable and should give your readers a clear idea of what your blog is about.

For me, Bloggeretterized was a one day process.
I knew my blog had to have blogerette on it’s name ever since I heard the word.
I’ve been wanted to be a blogger for a while now.
I am a female blogger now, a blogerette.
I am so far enjoying this whole process.
I am truly Blogeretterized.

Now for my Twitter name…that is a theme for another blog post! 😉


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