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Photo by: Helen Davies

American artist Derek Gores, takes the classic handmade collage technique to a higher level. It’s hard to believe that his pieces are made from recycled magazines, maps, wine labels, song lyrics, digital textures, etc. His work contrasts “the natural beauty of the figure, the angular design aesthetics of fashion (and machinery), and a fearless sense of play.

He doesn’t “use pictures of the actual object when making that object, i.e. no hair to make hair, no eyes to make eyes, etc”. He thinks of what he calls “wild solutions, to  see beyond the actual literal texture, or words, on the magazine page to see them as tones.” 

His work is in galleries in the US, Australia and Germany. And what I admire is that he isn’t one of those selfish guarded artists. He is available for workshops so that everyone can learn his technique.

I hadn’t seen anything like this. Derek Gore’s work is definitely an Oasis. Enjoy!

Jazz hot baby

Short speech skirt

Summer in Yellow

Lines curving away

Mystery Rewarded

Summer Stories

And she knows it fiercely (detail)