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Bloggeretterized RTOTD Random Thought of the Day: Coffee Stirrers are for stirring.

I am a very tolerant and patient person. But we all have pet peeves every once in a while don’t we?

I’m a coffee lover. I take mine without sugar, black or with milk, depending if I’m drinking it alone or eating a yummy and scrumptious dessert with it. Coffee connoisseurs out there might differ with me but in my humble opinion, there’s no right or wrong way to drink coffee, it’s a matter of what each person likes and/or enjoys.

Anyway, I prefer to drink coffee on a mug, the bigger the better! 😀 It makes the coffee drinking experience more delectable. There’s nothing like holding the warm mug in your hands, letting the coffee aromas hit your nose and then tasting the rich coffee in your mouth.

But you can’t go carrying your favorite mug everywhere, so in order to let your taste buds drown in caffeine heaven you must sometimes agree to have your coffee on-the-go from your favorite coffee house, in a paper cup with a sippy cup-ish lid.

I won’t ramble anymore and get to the random thought of this day. You know how at coffee houses you get those plastic stirrers that look like tiny mini-straws? Like I said I’m a tolerant person and I respect everyone’s rights and stuff but there’s something about watching people drink coffee using those plastic stirrers as a straw that I just can’t accept.

Why would you use a stirrer as a straw? Why would someone put his or her buccinator muscles under such stress? Do you know how hard it is to suck on those tiny straws? Why would you make the coffee drinking experience a hard one, when it is so much easier and more pleasant to just put your lips on the paper cup and sip your coffee straight from the cup?

Some people might pull the “I don’t want to get burned” card or the “I like to drink coffee in tiny sips” card on me, and they’re valid up to a certain point. BUT they are called coffee stirrers for a reason. Not straws….S T I R R E R S!!!!

The same applies to the plastic stirrers you get at bars with your drinks. They are not straws, they are stirrers. Of course some drinks are to be drunk with a proper straw so the ice doesn’t get in your way, but you know what I mean, sometimes you are given a tiny plain old drink stirrer for stirring, not for sipping your drink.

Some people might think they look cool or sophisticated by drinking through the tiny straws. It could be the case but I’ll leave you with this thought, specially for the ladies: have you considered that you might be promoting the formation of wrinkles around your mouth just as if you were a smoker?

Constant puckering can bring on premature wrinkles.

Repeated movement around the mouth — which could include sipping through straws, pursing the lips and most importantly, smoking — can contribute to lines and wrinkles.

Scary thoughts huh?

I know I might sound unpleasant and fastidious with this random thought of the day. Like I said everyone has their pet peeves. This is one of mine. So if you’re ever around me, for the love of coffee and drinks, keep this in mind:

Coffee/drink stirrers are for stirring! – MJ  @Bloggeretterized 😉 Click to Tweet this