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image: created by fashionable palette

I have mixed feelings about all the fashion bloggers out there. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a lot of the popular fashion blogs. I visit them for outfit inspiration. I’m amazed at some of these people’s sense of style, and the attitude towards life they portray in the photographs. I also admire them. Not anyone has the guts to expose themselves on the web, specially in the fashion world, which is full of criticism, good & bad.

The mixed feelings come from the fact that nobody’s life is that perfectly happy and um empty-ish. Let’s be honest, some of the fashion bloggers out there portray an unreal lifestyle. I mean making a living out of fashion, and fashion only, without being a famous designer/journalist/editor etc? I just don’t buy that.

They start taking unprofessional shots of themselves in their rooms wearing normal clothes. Then they get some sort of popularity and start mixing normal clothes with expensive designer pieces they suddenly can afford to acquire. And once they reach a certain blogging status, they “lift off”. Their fashion starts getting weirder, photos are way too retouched, they travel “all over the world” thanks to apparently all the sponsors they nail and everyone praises their style even though it has become more than outrageously daring. The only thing that remains constant are their poses ha ha ha evidence #1 evidence #2 😀

Anyway, fake, real, or both, fashion bloggers make this bloggerette‘s life more entertaining. Whichever way you see it they are here to stay for a while longer. There’s even a web series about them!

Check it out!

LOOKBOOK.nu came up with a new Series about fashion bloggers, their rivalries, their relationships and their fashion of course. The first episode debuted through LOOKBOOK.nu/tv on April 1st.

The series and I quote:

explores the creative and intimate relationship between a fashion blogger and her photographer using a dramatic urban fairytale told through the canvas of LOOKBOOK.nu and the L.A. fashion scene.

It follows the story of Hannah, a young girl who moves to Los Angeles and inadvertently enters the world of online fashion blogging—and quickly goes on to experience all the passion, intrigue, and betrayal that follows.

The Series was created and directed by Bernie Sue (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries)* and produced by Allison Vanore (Hopelessly in June)*. It will be sponsored by brands such as BCBG, Guess, Vans, Nine West, etc. and the cast members come from popular young adult shows and soaps.(*I’ve never seen any of these series)

After watching this episode I must admit I may get hooked. It reminded me of my Laguna Beach, The Hills watching days ha ha ha (Yes, you are never too old to watch nonsense….keeps you young! :D)

I don’t expect this to be a show about real life, but I’m sensing that watching this will make me understand fashion bloggers a little more. Episode 2, April 8. I’ll be there.