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About Vision by Oleg Shuplyak 2012

This one got me thinking.

I kept looking at it and only saw the frustrated artist staring at the white canvas. Not that I feel like I’m a frustrated walking soul but haven’t we all had moments like that? Moments when you stare at the blank page before you (blank page being everything from life, a dream, a task or even a blog post!!), you take a deep breath, and boom, the AHA moment, you know what to do and go!

This image was like that….I stared and stared and stared, and boom. I saw the eye. Brilliant!

This one is a good reminder for life. Don’t be narrow minded. Don’t be afraid to break the rules sometimes (or work around them :)) Let go. Don’t stop. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you. Free your mind. If you’re looking for something, take a deep breath, focus and you’ll find it. It is closer than you think. It is always in front of you.

And you, what do you see?

Image Credit:
Artist: Oleg Shuplyak (Ukrania)
Technique Pencil
Surrealist Graphic