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Um Hello!

Guess who’s “back from the dead”?

Yeah, you know, back from the white light and all?


I think I “died” last night…or so it felt like.

No, I’m not under the influence ha ha ha let me tell you how it goes.

I usually have a pretty good time in my dreams. I dream in color. I dream lots of normal things and some pretty fantastic dreams. Those where you have to say “We’re not in Kansas anymore”.

There have been recurrent dreams. Also recurrent places I go to. Some of these places I know,  others, I still have to figure out if they exist or are just in my mind.

There was a time in my life when lots of my loved ones died in my dreams. The BF at the time usually greeted me/mocked me in the morning and asked “who did you kill last night?” (insert my rolling eyes face here) Luckily, no one has died in my dreams for years.

But last night my friends, let me tell you that was some dream I had!!! It was weird and involved a lot of people I don’t usually dream of. But the end of the dream was definite the creepiest of them all. Here it goes:

Turned out I was driving around town, and for some reason something told me to stare at the passenger seat. As I turned my head, I froze in time for a second, only to realize there was freaking bomb in my car. A bomb!!!!

Usually when I see/read/hear the word bomb, my mind goes back to Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents….remember that scene? when he goes mad saying bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb….

Not the best video but you get the idea 😀

Ok back to my dream….Let me tell you, there’s nothing Stiller-ishly funny about seeing a bomb that is about to explode in your car. I had no time to break and get the hell out of the car.

I knew my time had come. And I was alright with it. I remember I held the wheel hard with both of my hands. I stared at the road, knowing that the bomb was exploding. I heard the explosion but felt nothing. I just remember I said/thought: “Lord, thank you for my life, I’m sorry for the time lost. I’m ready.

I felt coldness all over my body. A weird tingling sensation too. I know, you’re not supposed to feel anything when you go, but that’s what I felt. From the tip of my toe nails to the last strand of hair, it was cold and tingling. And the white light all over. Couldn’t feel anything else. No other feelings, no other emotions whatsoever. Everything went silent and white.

Then I opened my eyes. My room wasn’t all dark. There was enough moonlight so that I could see the chandelier above me. I stared at it for a while figuring out in my head what was going on, until I realized I wasn’t breathing. So I immediately  inhaled loudly. I could feel the air getting back into my lungs. My body was still cold and the uncomfortable tingling was strong.

It took me a couple of minutes to finally have enough energy to sit on my bed and realize I was alive and all had been a weird dream.

Was it?

I don’t know what it was. If it was a dream, it was the freaking freakiest freaking dream of all of my dreams. But for some strange reason I don’t feel right thinking it was a dream.

So, I think I died last night and I’m UTTERLY glad to be back.