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I’ve said it before and will say it again: Korean Pop producers sure do know how to produce their Pop. I still can’t explain my attraction to this music and culture. I’ll hold on to my theory of a past korean life 🙂

Anyway, these are the latest K-pop tunes I’m listening over and over again.

Lee Seung Gi – Return
Let’s start this show with a lovely ballad. The video theme might be corny lovey dovey-ish and I suspect the lyrics are too, but I can’t deny that the music is soothing, relaxing, very feel good and easy to listen.

Spica – Lonely
These ladies’ moves and voices are sexy and catchy. Love the Korean rap in the song…it’s rap right? Listen to this song….I bet you’ll be parabapapa-ing in no time. 😉

Girls day – Don’t forget me
CHOREOGRAPHY baby! Want to learn it! The chorus is so freaking catchy, I can’t get it off my head! And their outfits are so wearable. I’d wear them all except the pink and purple ones.

Talk that – Secret
My favorite video of all. I’m obsessed with their wardrobe, their hair, their whole look! I want to look like them when I grow up! 😛 The video is graphically and fashionably so me. Love it!

Seung Yeon Kara –  Guilty
I like the darkness in this song and the deepness it has. Don’t know how to explain it. Obssessed with the styling and photography in the video. My dark side definitely feels at home with this video.

It’s a beautiful song. Listen to it without the lyrics….hope you see what I mean. (btw this girl plays the piano lovely-ly)

Jea – While you’re sleeping
And last but not least a beautiful voice in a powerful ballad. Powerful.

*dhul means two in Korean…at least that’s what Google said. 😉