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Either this stuff is really good or I was Korean in one of my other lives…a korean pop star if you will. And I said lives, not life because I also believe I was either an Egyptian princess or an egyptian cat. LQTM Not that I believe in reincarnation but that’s the only explanation I can find for my new Korean Pop Affair.

I just watched a show on Arirang TV: Pops in Seoul. I didn’t watch it from the start but I wish I had. These people in Korea really know how to make Pop/dance/electropop/etc!

All the Lady Gagas, Beyonces, freaky Katy Perrys, even the Britneys and the rest of the Pop “singers” on this side of the ocean, the West, should learn how Pop should be really done.

I just saw the top ten videos and I am already searching them and downloading this music. The videos are addictive too. Photography, choreography, wardrobe, hair and make-up, the sights, props, etc. etc. etc. are impeccably done.

I don’t understand a word of what these girls are singing, I like their tunes. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful Korean Pop friendship/affair.

Check these out:

T-ara – Like the first time(need all the shoes in this video! Even the white sneakers! LQTM)

Sunny Hill – The Grasshopper Song(Definitely going to my workout playlist!)

Ns Yoon G – The Reason I became a Witch
(Need all her clothes! The video gave me an idea for my next nail art!)

Ns Yoon G – Just dance
(Need all her outfits in this video too!)

T-ara – Lovey Dovey
(It’s not Thriller, it’s Love Dovey! Can’t believe these dance steps are back! This is my favorite K-pop tune!)

p.s. I know should’ve made a video playlist of all of these but I thought each one was good enough to deserve a little space on my blog. 😉