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I usually leave my bookish posts for the weekend but I can break my own rules every once in a while. It’s time for my Bookish Bingo Back to School 2015 Wrap-Up post!!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, Bookish Bingo is a bookish challenge hosted by Bekka from the Pretty Deadly Blog. It’s a seasonal event in which you read books according to the categories on the bingo card. It’s a great way to keep your reading choices current and diverse and fun.

Here are my results:

Fall of 2015 was a good reading period for me. Even though I was a little busier I read 30 books! And the majority of the books got 3, 4 and even 5 stars! But the best part is that I managed to once again complete the Bookish Bingo Challenge Card!!!!!

This card was hard and I did it!!

So, let me call it:

BINGO * 11!!!!!!!!!

Here’s my Bookish Bingo Back to School 2015 Card:

Bloggeretterized Bookish Bingo Back to School 2015 card wrap up

Books read

  • Horror: Dark Bayou by Nancy Duplechain | Rating: 4/5 | Great story set in Louisiana. It involves a “secret society” that fights evil spirits and it is also a story about love and family bonds.   [ Paranormal, Horror ]
  • Reread: Things Half in Shadow by Alan Finn | Rating: 4/5 | A journey back in time to Post Civil War period were mediums took notoriety in society. A journalist in Philadelphia must solve the mystery behind the murder of a popular medium and also discovers things about him that he never expected.   [ Paranormal, Mystery]
  • LGBTQIA: A Better World by Autumn Kalquist | Rating: 3/5 | In a post apocalyptic world, after 300 years humans finally reach Soren, a planet that may have the resources needed for human life to continue. This is the story of Maeve, a woman who volunteers for the first exploring mission to Soren risking her life.  [ Science Fiction]
  • Sparkly Cover: Until the end of the world by Sarah Lyons Fleming | Rating: 3/5 | Bornavirus LX has taken over the United States. Cassie and her friends flee from the zombies and embark on a wild road trip from Brooklyn to a safe house up north.  [ Zombies, New Adult, Horror ]
  • Mental Illness: Paper Towns by John Green. | Rating: 2/5 | Margo a disturbed teenager runs away and makes her friends take a road trip to find her. [ YA ]
  • Religious Minority MC: The Girl From the Train by Irma Joubert | Rating: 5/5 | The story of Gretl Schmidt, a 6 year old jewish girl who escapes a terrible fate in Auschwitz and life takes her from Poland to South Africa were she finds a loving family and true love. [ Historical Fiction ]
  • A Book you Borrowed: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass | Rating: 5/5 | The story of Celeana Sardothien, the youngest and most powerful Assassin in YA fantasy literature. 😉 [ Fantasy, YA ]
  • Over 400 pages: The Scent of Secrets by Jane Thyne | Rating 2/5 | Set in Paris, 1938, British actress Clara Vine is recruited on a spy mission: she must befriend Eva Braun, Hitler’s girlfriend, to gain important information that could bring the Reich down. [ Historical Fiction ]
  • Science Fiction: Americosis Vol 1 by Haydn Wilks | Rating: 2/5 | A wild ride that involves a politician who speaks to angels, an “alien” invasion, a sexual transmitted paranormal disease set in an apocalyptic US. [ Science Fiction ]
  • Water on the Cover: Light Sapphire Eyes by Kevin Teague | Rating: 4/5 | A tragic, intense and moving love story that leaves you yearning for passionate love. [ Romance ]
  • Orange Cover: The Martian by Andy Weir | Rating:4/5 | The story of Mark, an astronaut who is lost on Mars and becomes a true Martian to survive. [ Science Fiction ]
  • A new to you Author: The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Mass | Rating: 4/5 | 5 short stories that introduce you to the wonderful world of Celeana Sardothien, the youngest and best Assassin of Fantasy Literature. I’m glad I discovered Sarah J Mass’ work.
  • Free: Darkness of Light by Stacie Marie Brown | Rating: 2/5 | The story of Ember, a troubled teen that gets kicked out of high school and is sent to a facility for troubled kids, were she discovers her paranormal powers. [ YA, Fantasy, Fae ]
  • On your shelf for over a year: Hanah and Annabel(Delirium Series) by Lauren Oliver | Rating: 3/5 3/5 | I’ve had these forever on TBR. Short Stories that give you background info on Anabel (Lena’s mom) and Hanah (Lena’s friend) from the Delirium Series. [ YA, Dystopia ]
  • Set in another Country: The Sisters of Versailles by Christie Sallie | Rating: 3/5 | The story of the Nesle Sisters and how most of them became the official mistresses to Louis XV [ Historical Fiction ]
  • LOL-worthy: Happy-(ish) by Cara Trautman | Rating: 4/5 | A hllarious story about a young woman and her adventures in dating, job, her relationship to her goldfish and family. Hilarious, sexy, fun and heartwarming. [ Humor, Women Fiction ]
  • Animal on the Cover: Mew is for Murder by Clea Simon | Rating: 1/5 | A cat lady is found dead. Freelance writer Theda Krakow takes on the mission of revealing the mystery behind the cat lady’s death. [ Mystery ]
  • New Adult: Fearsome by S.A. Wolfe | Rating: 4/5 | The steamy story of Jessica, a big city young woman who moves back to a town in the middle of nowhere, gets into a steamy passionate romance with the 2 sexy handsome Blackard brothers and finds true love. [ New Adult Contemporary Romance ]
  • Author Shares First Initial: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer | Rating: 4/5 | Book 2 in the Lunar Chronicles series. The Retelling of Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and many other fairy tales in a world full of cyborgs, robots and lunar people. [ YA, Fantasy, Dystopia ]
  • Mystery: Little Lamb Lost by Margaret Fenton | Rating: 3.5/5 | Social worker, Claire Conover, must solve the mystery behind the death of Michael, the son of one of her young clients. [ Mystery ]
  • Set in a High School: P.S. I Still Love you by Jenny Han | Rating: 5/5 | Book 2 in the To all the boys I’ve loved before series. We get to see what happens to Lara Jean and Peter. [ YA, Romance ]
  • Sept, Oct, Nov release: The Scam by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg | Rating: 4/5| Another episode in the Fox and O’hare Series. Kate and Nick work together to bring down a money laundering operation in a casino in Macau. [ Thriller ]
  • Black Cover: The Assassin and the Princess by Sarah J. Mass | Rating: 4/5 | A short story in which the great Celeana Sardothien goes dress shopping with Princess Nehemia. 🙂 [ Short Story, YA, Fantasy ]
  • A Book About Dreams: The Dream Student by JJ DiBenedetto | Rating: 3/5 | The story of Sara, a college student who has the power of seeing people’s dreams and uses it to solve the mystery behind a series of murders happening in town. [ New Adult, Paranormal ]
  • Historical Fiction: My Unconquerable Soul by Jeleyne Allyson | Rating: 4/5 | Book 2 in the story of Linley and Patrick. In this one, after Patrick’s return from war, he and Linley must work on reigniting the flame of their physical and emotional love to save their marriage as they travel to Cairo where they get involved in an adventure that can either separate or unite them forever. [ Historical Fiction ]

As always, I must thank Bekka for this fun challenge. 🙂  It made me travel to places I’m not able to go in real life and it made me read so many different stories that fueled my imagination and life in general.

If you want to join this challenge, the Holiday 2015 Bookish Bingo Card for the months of December, January and February is already up on the Pretty Deadly blog. You don’t have to be a blogger to enter, anyone can sign up. Hope you can join us.

Did you sign up for this challenge? How did you do?