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Aliza Razell is a young photographer from Massachusetts who creates fantastic works of art mixing photography and watercolors. She has a very creative way of transforming self-portraits by adding splashes of bright colors and combining them together using Photoshop. The result is surreal, captivating and inspiring images, that are able to transport your mind and soul.

You can check her work on Flickr or follow her on Facebook for updates, giveaways of her artwork and she also shares her creative process with before and after images.

She is well-known for her 2 series Anesidora, which involves the story of Pandora’s Box, and Ikävä, Finnish word meaning the feeling of missing someone or something.

Young and talented, Aliza Razell is only 19 years old. Can’t wait to see what she creates in the future.

Aliza Razell‘s photographs are truly an oasis. Enjoy!

Anesidora IAnesidora IIAnesidora IIIAnesidora IVAnesidora VAnesidora VI

AbscenceSlipClingReflectTrue ColorsStareAll is greenWhat dreams may comeHide

My favorite!

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