1. Whole Milk is my gasoline. I can’t function properly if I don’t have a glass of milk a day.


2. I’ve never broken a bone and with my milk habit, i’m counting I never will in my lifetime.


3. My native language is Spanish but I think in English and sometimes in French.


4. Even though, in my opinion it’s not the color, but the way someone looks at you, I think hazel eyes are the sexiest, they hypnotize me.


5. When channel surfing, I only change channels backwards. I can’t do it forward. It doesn’t feel right.


6. I’m obsessed with the colors teal, cyan, turquoise, robin’s egg and all their variations.


7. I believe that “if it is not on Google, it doesn’t exist.


8. I rarely take photos of myself but I have a personal instagram account.


9. My first job was serving Gatorade at sports events. Loved it.


10. I utterly enjoy to drive. I prefer stick over automatic. When I need to think or decide something, I love get get behind the wheel, drive, drive, drive and drive. Traffic sucks of course, but I can get lost in my thoughts and not notice traffic as long as I’m driving.