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I couldn’t take this image off my mind for days after I saw it the first time.

In this image I see an independent woman flying through life. I see a woman that hasn’t set roots anywhere yet. I see a woman who knows where she wants to go and who has a clear image of the road/path she must take to get there.

I see a woman who despite all of the above, can’t seem to get rid of little weedy mishaps that try to root her where she doesn’t want to be. I see the weeds, creeping out of nowhere so delicate and inoffensive, yet with some power to keep the woman from flying high.

I see a woman who will keep going despite the weeds, because there will come a time when their roots will not be able to hold her down for too long, and they will be so weak they will break easily. I see a woman whose motivation to keep going in life is stronger than the weed’s pulling force. I see a woman who is on the verge of finding liberty. In this image I see myself.

And you what do you see?


Image Credit:
Artist: Ingrid Endel (Australia)
January 29th 2012.
Self portraiture.