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Oasis-Definition-Illustrated-by-BloggeretterizedFinger painting is for toddlers, right?

Wrong! Finger painting is for adults too. What if I told you, that you can actually make a living out of finger painting?

Iris Scott is living proof of that!

Iris Scott is a Seattle-based painter, who in 2009 decided to never use a brush to paint anymore. After graduating, she moved to Taiwan and started painting daily. One day, all of her brushes were dirty and she needed some yellow flowers. She didn’t want to clean her brushes and she didn’t want to leave her painting to go get new clean brushes, so she used her fingers and discovered that she wanted to finger paint for the rest of her life.

Her work is available on her website, Etsy shop and/or Facebook profile. It is also on permanent display at Cole Gallery (Edmonds, WA) and on personal collections in Dubai, Ireland and all over the USA.

She is not a greedy artist. She also teaches art classes in Edmonds once or twice a month, where she kindly shares her oil finger painting techniques. One of her dreams is to create an online art teaching platform.

I like how she captures what to some would be ordinary life images and transforms them into colorful dynamic images. On a first glance at her paintings, you would never guess no brushes are used to create them. Her oil finger painting technique with disposable gloves gives her paintings fantastic movement, dimension and texture. Her paintings are like windows and you can actually feel transported to the place and time captured in the painting.

Iris Scott’s oil finger paintings are truly an oasis. Enjoy!

Iris Scott Oil Finger Paint

My Favorite!

And because I wanted to save the best for last, here’s the cherry on top of this post: Iris Scott in action! See how her oil finger painting magic is done! Til the next one my friends!