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Entangled: Spellbound Book One (Volume 1)by Nikki Jefford

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Kindle Edition, 303 pages
Published February 20th 2012 by Nikki Jefford
Available on: Paperback, Kindle

After having a hard time with a book I absolutely did not enjoy and took me forever to finish reading, I needed a light easy read to soothe and get my reading groove back on. I’m glad I chose Entangled for this task. It wasn’t light but it was easy and filled with magic!

You know what they say about magic – it’s ten percent ability, ninety percent ego. Nikki Jefford, Entangled.

Entangled (Spellbound #1)Entangled is a surreal YA love story by Nikki Jefford. I was attracted to it by the cover. The color is my color, I saw it and it got me! The girl in the pic is nice but misleading. I can’t relate her to any part of the story. I saw it and thought of a story about an ice princess in a mythical world! Entangled isn’t anything close to this! Also I didn’t imagine Charlene and Graylee looking like her. One thing I’m not so crazy about in the cover is the font, I think it needs a little more pizzazz. Other than that it’s eye-catching and made me want to read this story.

Regarding characters, Graylee is a relatable character for young girls. She had me when she thought and I quote: “a little head banging might be therapeutic.” Young, intelligent and cool like that. ha ha. Would’ve hung out with her back in my high school days. Charlene is of course the opposite, so lost in herself that you end up feeling pity for her and her ways. The good twin/bad twin rivalry was predictable but entertaining. Raj is the high school badass guy with a heart full of sweetness, young girls die for. And he’s a warlock to top it all off! he he he And Mom is the cool, lenient mom, who has no problem with boys coming over and spending unsupervised alone time in her daughters’ rooms. Ha! There are more characters but these give you an overall idea of what you’ll read about.

The plot was entertaining. Like I said in my updates, it is Freaky Friday-ish but it isn’t. I thought the 24 hour switch was clever. These girls’ lives really got entangled in a way that only magic could fix it up. It isn’t a light read because it touches some difficult subjects: revenge, murder, suicide, resurrection just to name a few. There were some loose ends for me (see spoilers to name a few), but of course it’s a YA book, have fun reading it and don’t over analyze it, not everything has to make sense, right?


I didn’t get why mom had to leave them to solve the, let’s call it “Entanglement” but in the end it is the kids who “solve” everything. :/

Those with magic powers have some sort of authorities in their “coven”. Mom broke some powerful magic rules to bring Graylee back, yet no authority is aware of it and she get’s no punishment?

Graylee’s death. It was so obvious she was poisoned yet no doctor in that town could figure it out after simple post-mortem tests? No witch or warlock could figure it out, either?

Graylee’s soul takes another girl’s body and is like a fish in the water living someone else’s life? No adaptation period whatsoever!

Graylee could change clothes with a snap of a finger! They didn’t explain how she did that exactly! Many young girls and adults wouldn’t mind a full explanation of how that is done! don’t we? ha ha ha


If you’re an adult reading this book, you’ll find it entertaining, it for sure will take your mind off reality. A mind vacation if you will. 😉 If you are a teen, I hope you have enough parental guidance to help you understand that this is a surreal story that can only be true in the author’s imaginary world. Real life problems can’t be solved by revenge, hate and something as unreal and untrue as magic.

Word I learned from this book:

leniency: The condition or quality of being lenient. Synonym: merciful, generous, indulgent.

Note for parents: One thing that caught my mind was how the teenage sex topic was so carelessly taken. I’m no prude but this is a book for teens, and the fact that it was so natural and normal for the characters to be having sex on the school premises was a little disturbing. Ok, ok I get it, nowadays teens are having sex….the reasons for having sex in this book are so wrong and misleading for teenagers.

I hope young girls reading this get to see how wrong Charlene was about love. Charlene goes to the point of sexually objectifying herself only to have the cool guy by her side.

The other subject taken lightly is revenge. Of course we know high school is full of competition, dealing with mean girls and revenge. But this book takes the fact that a girl with a broken heart can get revenge by killing someone. She ends up killing 2 girls in the process, one of them her own sibling!

Kids reading this book need good parental guidance.

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Entangled (Spellbound #1)

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