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Bloggeretterized | Random Thought of the Day: Eggnog All the Way RTOTD

I don’t like the smell of raw eggs. I like to eat eggs in all the glorious delicious ways they can be cooked but I despise the smell of raw eggs. I detest when sometimes they beat eggs and even after washing the dish in which the eggs where beaten, it still smells of raw eggs. It’s rewash the dishes until the raw egg smell is off or else for me!

But here’s the thing. It’s Christmas time people. And for me, it can’t be Christmas time without eggnog. I drink eggnog during the holidays like there’s no tomorrow. And the most ironic thing is that we get this eggnog that is made with so many extra egg yolks to honor it’s name! hahaha

There are six bottles of eggnog in our fridge right now. I hope they make it until Christmas Eve because as of today, my motto is eggnog all the way. 😛