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Smiling Pumpkin🙂


Are you smiling?

I think a  smile is a perfect way to start this post. Did you know there’s science behind that lovely gesture we make with our lips?

I’d heard the quote that it takes more muscles to frown than it does to smile, but I wasn’t aware of the many interesting scientific facts about smiling that I read in this article by Leo Widrich.

Check it out, I’m sure there’s something about the Science of Smiling you didn’t know! As for me, after reading this article, the Nat King Cole song took a more powerful meaning. I know that whenever the blues start to invade my soul, I’ll keep in mind to put my best effort and smile because it will help me see the sun come shining through. It’s worth to try, right? 🙂


I don’t want to get into politics but regarding the Trump topic it is impossible. I am in the group of people who is astonished and perplexed over the fact that Trump’s race for President is a reality show within reality that has gotten this far.

In this day and age, any human being must be careful of what he or she says because the Internet remembers everything.

I found this collection of Trumpisms on Politico.com quite entertaining and eye-opening. I think everyone should read them. They are the Trumpest words Donald Trump has ever said. 199 phrases that let you into the mind of the man who thinks can rule over the US. 199 things Donald Trump has ever said that regardless if you are American or not, really make you think: Would you vote for this man?

There comes a time in the life of every human being living in this century where it is healthy to go offline and “smell the roses“. Sometimes we have technical difficulties that force us to disconnect from our devices and reconnect with real life.

Our lives have become very dependent on the internet. It shouldn’t be that way. The internet should be a resource or aid not a life-style.

I read this letter from the internet and it made me realize it’s not erroneous to think that sometimes the internet needs a break for us. It got me thinking of how responsible we are in polluting the internet with our searches and diverse online behaviors. We should go offline voluntarily from time to time. Check it out, you’ll see what I mean. It is definitely a very good read.


I was so excited when I found this article. I love science and it felt empowering and motivating to read about 12 women who are breaking stereotypes and make the world better with their scientific contributions.

Science rocks! Women of Science rock! This is a great article. It opens your mind and makes you think there’s more to science than lab coats and “boring” books. 🙂

Read it, I know you’ll be glad to meet 12 Badass Scientists…Who Also Happen to be Women.


Have you ever heard the term Inclusive Retail?

I read it for the first time in this article by Liz Jackson. I must admit that it had never crossed my mind to think that people with chronic illness and/or disabilities could be included in the retail fashion world. As a relative of someone who is bedridden, I know how difficult it is to find clothes that fit my loved-one’s new condition. We’ve had to adapt many clothes and have had to eliminate certain items from my loved one’s wardrobe because we think they are not practical to wear anymore.

But after reading this article, I started thinking that my bedridden relative is a living human being and shouldn’t be treated as one that doesn’t deserve to wear what he or she used to.

So much science goes into designing outfits nowadays. Some pieces of clothing could be considered works of architecture. It shouldn’t be difficult to design, make and sell clothes for people with special needs. Fashion should be inclusive. There should be people making clothes that fit and suit every single living human regardless of their condition, and it shouldn’t be difficult to acquire them. So I want you all to read this article, spread the word. Let’s make a future that thinks of everyone.

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