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RTOTD Who was Granny Smith | Bloggeretterized

Snow White is not my favorite Disney princess but I used to think she was some sort of a distant relative of mine. No, I’m not crazy and I know that it is impossible to be related to a fictional cartoon character, but let me explain to you how I came to that irrational-ish conclusion.

I’ve shared with you guys already, that I got my first migraine attack when I was fifteen. I started having headaches after that and my doctors blamed my hormones, PMS, etc.

For a year after the first episode, whenever I had a migraine I was always asked what I ate, in order to find out if there was a food that triggered them. But nothing in my diet seemed to be a trigger. I did notice something unusual though. I noticed that on my migraine days, I had eaten a certain fruit. And then it hit me, and I remembered what I ate on the day of my first migraine.

For some reason beyond me, on the day of my first migraine, I didn’t have my usual breakfast at home. All I ate was a big, juicy, sweet, ruby red apple. I think the apple was so big, that I felt full so I couldn’t eat anything else. I went to school, started my day and after second period, boom: migraine.

It seemed so crazy to think that the fruit that is believed as the one that keeps the doctors away could be the cause of my pain. I’m not saying this fruit is bad, let me disclaim that and make that clear. I just figured out on my own (in a non-scientific nor doctor approved way) that it was not so great for me. Maybe it was a reflex that my mind associated the pain with the fruit, but I did my homemade experiments and every time, right after eating even a little bite of a red apple I either felt nauseous, or dizzy, or sick. So I started avoiding red apples and adopted Snow White as my distant fantasy relative! Ha ha ha

Ever since, I only eat Granny Smith apples. They are my absolute favorite. They are tart and sweet and juicy and delicious. They’re so versatile, they can be eaten not only raw but in delectable, sweet dishes as well as savory ones. They are available all year long (at least in my neck of the woods). And the best reason that they rock my world is that they don’t make me sick.

And this leads me to my random thought of this lovely day. As I was eating a Granny Smith apple with granola and yogurt for breakfast, a question popped in my mind:


Gazillion images of different ladies from different eras popped in my head. I wondered if she only wore bright green dresses, or if she stood out in the crowd because of her green shoes. Maybe her eyes had the same brilliant tone of the apple skin. Perhaps she was The Queen Baker and used only this green type of apple in her concoctions. It also could be that she didn’t have to do anything with apples, but was such a pioneer during her times that she had to be immortalized.

Whoever she was, one thing is sure. She had to have been special to someone to get an apple named after her. I know I could probably google her after I publish this post, but you know what? I won’t.

What if she turns out to be a simple plain character I’ve somehow over fantasized? 😮 What if she turns out to be more fictional than my fictional great-grandmother Snow White?

I’ve decided I can live not knowing the answer to my question. Some things are better left unknown. 🙂