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Americosis Vol 1 by Haydn Wilks

My rating: 2.5 of 5

ebook, 61 pages
Science Fiction
Published Jul 9th 2015 by FDead Bird Press
Available on: Kindle

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What they say:

An epic genre-bending mash-up of sci-fi, horror, thriller & dark comedy.

This short novella introduces the series. It’ll leave you begging for more…

What I have to say:

Americosis Bol 1 by Haydn Wilks Book Cover

Have you ever read a book that doesn’t make sense at all but at the same time it makes sense and leaves you wanting more? Americosis by Haydn Wilks was such a book for me. I don’t mean this in a bad way; I mean it in a good way.

Americosis. The title got me at hello. It’s a new word, it’s intriguing…at least it was for me. The cover of this book gave me the exact idea of what this book was going to be about. As soon as I saw it, I thought I was in for one psychedelic wild trip ride. And I got exactly what I thought.

The book is actually a fast paced short story that can be read in one sitting. An introduction to what looks like an epic apocalyptic story. The plot is made of various you could say outrageous story-lines: an abnormally well-endowed man from the future who comes back in time to save the United States from only God knows what; a sexually transmitted “disease/spirit/alien” in the city. There’s also Loreal and Maybelline (yes, those are their names) who live in a small southern town that gets invaded by dinosaurs that look like rats with feathers; and a presidential candidate that talks politics with angels. All of these maddening and hilarious-at-some-point stories happen all at once.

Americosis is a contemporary short story. There are many references to current events and pop culture that help the reader adapt to the out of this world fictional events being presented. Unfortunately the book is so short, that it ends once your mind has made sense of everything you’ve read. But it is written in such a way, that even though the plot is crazy, you end up feeling like you want to check out the next book. At least I am a bit curious to find out how in the world the author is going to blend or join all the story lines and make a cohesive resolution of everything.

Americosis is an OK book to read. I gave it two and a half stars because it’s just a teaser; it’s not a well-rounded story that gives the reader full closure. Yes, it leaves you wanting and waiting for more, but not begging like the blurb said it would.

Americosis is a book for adults with an open mind. I don’t recommend this for teens nor advanced reading young adults as it deals with subjects such as violence, explicit sex, religion, and politics. If you’re in the mood for an epic work of science fiction, this is not the book for you. If you’re looking for a weekend read, this is the book for you, just don’t read it after a night of partying or you’ll end up with a headache not from the hangover but from the book! Ha ha ha If you’re looking for a bezerkish mix of paranormal, sci-fi, horror, fantasy all in one, this is the book for you.

For such a short disturbing book, it got me thinking. Americosis…I like the word. The suffix –osis is used to form nouns from verbs to indicate a process, state, a diseased condition, and the formation or development of something. The story might not make sense at times, but if you try to find some sense in it, you could see that this can be a critique of sorts of not only America but of today’s society. Therefore, if you’re in the mood for a quick and different read that pokes your mind like only science fiction can do, this is the book for you.

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The following are not lessons but they’re thoughts that have crossed my mind multiple times.

You know how much I pay for cable? And all that’s ever on is re-runs.

The world’s more globalized than ever before, but it’s also never been more precarious.

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