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Dear Instagram,

I don’t get it. Can you please help me clear this up. Here’s a screenshot of your Community Guidelines and your Terms of Use (click to enlarge).



As we can all see and read, you clearly state:

don’t spam people or post nudity

we don’t allow nudity on Instagram

You may not post violent, nude, partially nude, discriminatory, unlawful, infringing, hateful, pornographic or sexually suggestive photos or other content via the Service.


Sounds pretty clear to me. No nudes, even of cute little babies. But it only sounds clear. It’s a theory that looks good in paper and on screens. A theory that apparently you don’t enforce.

NUDITY. [noo-di-tee, nyoo-]

1.  the state or fact of being nude; nakedness.
2.  something nude or naked.

The condition of not wearing clothes, or of not covering a part of the body that is traditionally covered when you are in public.

The fact that people are not wearing clothes.

The definitions are clear. So if 1 + 1 = 2, according to your guidelines no one is allowed to upload photographs of any human being no matter the age without clothes on Instagram.

You seem to enforce your rules. You’ve banned people for posting nipples, photos of menstruation, etc. There’s also a rule against false or misleading advertisement. Thanks to the FDA you recently deleted an image from a “celebrity” that advertised a medication for morning sickness. Good job, although I refuse to believe there are pregnant ladies out there who would try that drug only because this famous person said it was good, without consulting to their doctor first.

Anyway, good job on that. But this same “celebrity” posted an image of her nude/naked body and you haven’t done anything about it. Is there a double standard here? Isn’t nudity not allowed on your site? You don’t allow babies bottoms but you do allow this woman’s derriere and pregnant body to be posted?

Are you going to pull out the “she’s a pregnant lady, we can break the rules for her” card? Or don’t tell me, having 42 million followers on your site allows you to break the rules at your convenience? What if regular normal non-celebrity pregnant women upload their nude photos, are you going to make them delete those?

I don’t get it Instagram. So, can you please define nudity for me please?

Thank you.


MJ @Bloggeretterized.

 p.s. for my blog readers: I don’t think Instagram will ever read this, so if you guys get it, explain it to me please. 😉