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The world-wide web is a vast universe full of these.

In the spirit of Sharing is Caring, I share my finds with you all.

Check them out.

Hopefully you’ll find, that these are:


By this point, I think everyone who has access to the internet or a smartphone has used emojis. It’s impossible to avoid them. They are everywhere in our screen driven world. Even an emoji movie is in the works.

The impact of emojis in our life is undeniable. I found this article: The Psychology of Emojis by Courtney Seiter very interesting.

Nothing can replace phone calls or face to face talks. But we can’t deny that keeping in touch online is a part of our culture now. It impressed me to read that emojis are being used to do what the tone of voice does on the telephone and what expressions and gestures do in face-to-face communication. Emojis are evolving, new emojis emerge as time goes by, it’s undeniable that they are here to stay. This article was a good read.


This one is definitely a Good Find.

I found it on the Gone Girly shop at Etsy.

Isn’t it a cool and very creative hand made pie plate?

Pie makes me happy and this pie plate would put a smile on me after the pie is gone. 😛

When I was in college, lava lamps where the thing to have! 😀 They were also expensive, at least for my budget they were a luxury. 😦

Had I known how easy it was to make one, I would’ve covered my apartment with lava lamps of my own creation. ha ha ha Coming to think of it, that’s not a good idea, but you know what I mean. 🙂

Anyway, check this out and learn how to make your own lava lamps. Your imagination is the limit. You never know when this might come in handy. 😉



This article by Benjamin Hardy is a good read. It takes you back to basics by giving you 8 simple things we can all incorporate into our morning routines so we can have a great days and in the end a great life.

It may seem unbelievable that this 8 tasks can be life changing. But the premise of doing what is important in life first sounds good to me. Read the article and try them. It doesn’t hurt to try, right? 😉


Did you know that Snoopy is 65 years-old.

Did you know that Snoopy was based on a real puppy?

Did you know that Spike, the real Snoopy, appeared on Ripley’s Believe it or not because he ate pins, tacks and razor blades?

Did you know that Snoopy originally was just a puppy on the Peanuts comic strips, it was years later when he was given thought bubbles and was able to stand up like a human?

You can learn these and many other interesting facts about Snoopy if you check this article by Lance Ulanoff. If you’re a Snoopy fan, I know you’ll treasure it. A Good Read.


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