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The Job by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

My rating: 4 of 5

ebook, 304 pages
Published November 18th 2014 by Bantam
Available on: Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle, AudioCD, Audible

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The Job by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg is book #3 in the Fox and O’Hare series. It is the second book from this series that I’ve read, and it didn’t disappoint me. I was greatly pleased that I enjoyed reading this book as I expected.

The Job Book CoverAs usual, let me start the review talking about the cover. At first glance, the covers of this series would seem simple, generic and non-related to the story. But I don’t know if it’s just me just fangirling this series too much or if it’s what the cover designer intended but I do find a relation between the covers and the story.

On the first book Nick and Kate are not facing each other. I haven’t read that one yet, but I assume it’s when the thief and the FBI agent meet for the first time, they enemies. On the second book, they are facing each other, which to me represents the undeniable attraction between Nick and Kate, which is what happened in that installment. But this is not about the past books. It’s about The Job.

On the cover for The Job, we see Nick and Kate standing side by side. And if that’s not all, the background is red. What a perfect representation of what happens in this book! Nick and Kate work together, they are a power couple even though they stand on different sides and their attraction is growing into something more. Could it be love? We’ll have to keep reading the series and find out!

On the negative side, I think the title of the book should be bigger and the author’s names should be smaller and they both should be of equal font size.

The Job starts great. I liked how it started with a bang. We get right into reading about Kate O’Hare being a kickass FBI agent and how she brilliantly captures bad guys, “the Businessman Bandits”. I liked how we immediately read that she has a relationship is in close contact with Nick Fox, one of the worlds most wanted thieves. And I also liked how we’re immediately presented with the conflict that Nick and Kate must solve. We know what the Job is right from the get go:

Nick and Kate must catch up Violante, a dangerous drug lord who has been framing Nick for several grand thefts. For this mission they go on an international, wild, and dramatic adventure, that involves expensive chocolate and treasure hunting, and they team up again with memorable characters from the series.

Although, it is more enjoyable if you have read the first books in the series, you don’t need to read the first books to get the story. This book can be a stand-alone. You can start the series from here and get the hang of Kate and Nick’s relationship. If you start the series from this book, I’m sure you’ll want to check the first books just for fun.

Once again the attraction and sexual tension between the two main characters is enjoyably off the charts. In the previous book, Nick was playfully open about his attraction to Kate, while Kate was struggling to admit she was into Nick. In this book, Nick is as wittingly charming and open as usual, and Kate is not struggling anymore.

“Everything I’ve done lately I’ve done with you,” Nick said.

“Not everything.”

“Not for lack of trying. But a man has his needs.”

“Would you prefer I’d visited you there?”

“I would have preferred you didn’t visit me at all.”

“I find that hard to believe. I’m charming. And I have a show-and-tell for you.”

“Don’t even think about it.”

“Not that kind of show-and-tell,” Nick said. “That show-and-tell comes later. I brought you a mask.”

“Of course,” Kate said. “I knew that.

“You could have told me this on the phone. You didn’t have to come here.”

“True, but I miss you when you’re gone.”

Kate’s heart skipped a beat. He missed her! Oh good grief, she thought. Get a grip. He’s a con man!


“Exactly,” Nick said. “You are so the job.”

“And you are so irritating.”

“I love when you get angry,” Nick said. “Your nose gets a cute little wrinkle in it.



There was no answer so she kicked off her shoes, stretched out on the bed, and put the pillow over her face. She heard the water stop running, then sensed she wasn’t alone.

“You’re going to miss the good stuff with that pillow over your face,” Nick said.

“What good stuff did you have in mind?” she asked.

“Me naked.”

Kate took the pillow on her face and looked at him. He was wearing a towel that hung low on his hips.

“You’re not naked,” Kate said.

“I could be.”

She pulled the pillow back over her face.



“You have to stop breaking into my room! I need privacy sometimes. I need to get away from you. We’re partners, not lovers.”

“Your loss,” Nick said.

He dropped his towel and stepped into boxer briefs.

“Good grief,” Kate said.

Wow! She thought. The man was freaking perfect.


Their mutual attraction is undeniable. It’s obvious for the reader and for themselves that they both like each other a little too much. They don’t hide it. What is not clear yet is if it is only attraction or love. They do care for each other, but how deep those feelings are is still a mystery.

Like many other fans of this series, I’ve been impatiently waiting for these two to consummate “the deal” ha ha ha but then again I utterly enjoy that as much as these two are attracted to each other, they have self-control and they haven’t let their guards down. I’m not sure how long they will have it up though, I suspect Nick will put it down first. We’ll see how it goes as the series progresses.

The Job was a fast paced entertaining read. It had the same combination of witty dialogues, action-packed thrilling scenes, mystery, humor, romance, drama, and likeable characters from the previous books in the series. It was nice to see characters from the past reappear, especially Jake, Kate’s father. There can’t be a Nick and Kate mission without Jake helping them get the job done. His relationship with Kate is endearing, special and unique. Jake is a wonderful character that adds so much to the story.

“Yeah, you taught me how to smother a man with a sandwich baggie, and how to shove a straw up his nose into his brain. Those are treasured memories. I think of you every time I eat a sandwich.”

“A father can’t ask for more than that.”

 “I’m methodical about everything,” Jake said. “And I’m cute. Yesterday I was in the supermarket and the checkout lady told me I was adorable.”

“Kittens and baby shoes are adorable,” Kate said. “Do you really want to be lumped together with kittens and baby shoes?”

“I was in the ten-items-or-less line with twelve items and she didn’t kick me out. Adorable can have its benefits.”

Kate leaned forward and lowered her voice. “Is your passport current?”

“I’m sure one of ’em is,” he said. “Who would you like me to kidnap?”

“Nobody. And you can’t say things like that around me in public. I’m an officer of the law, remember?”

“Sorry, I should have said ‘apprehend by extraordinary rendition.’ There’s nothing illegal about that. At least that was what I was told by the CIA when I was grabbing suspected terrorists out of their beds in one country and dragging them to a secret prison in another.”


“Besides, there’s nobody who is going to watch your back better than me. You know that.”

“That’s why I’m here.”

“And that’s why I’m going to be there with you, wherever there is, anytime you ask and as long as I’m able,” he said. “It’s what fathers do.”

“Most fathers don’t show up with hand grenades and bowie knives.”

“They should be ashamed of themselves,” Jake said.


You gotta love Jake! 🙂

The action and drama in the story is great. Some of the things sound so outrageously unbelievable but the writing is such that you can’t stop reading and you can’t help it but believe the things that happen. You feel right in the middle of a box office action film. The humor is great too. It is not cheesy or overwhelming. Just the right amount of witty humor that pops up in the right moments in the story.

A table in the center of the room was piled high with a huge selection of gold-flecked and gold-covered chocolates arranged around bowls of fresh fruit and a burbling chocolate fountain. It was the most amazing display of chocolate Kate had ever seen. She half-expected Oompa Loompas to come dancing out to introduce it.

The Fox and O’Hare Series is one of my favorites of this genre. It is definitely a good summer read for men or women. I will definitely read the next installment of this series, which is now on pre-order and comes out September 15th, 2015! You can read an excerpt of book #4 here.

p.s. Just a note to editors: there are some French dialogues in a part of the story. For those of us, who speak French it’s no problem, but it would be nice for non-francophone readers to have the translation or the clues as to what the phrases mean.



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Anger management lesson! 🙂

Kate closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Take a moment, she told herself. Think of something calm. A lake. A kitten sleeping. A puffy cloud drifting overhead. She opened her eyes.


How to torture a chocolate lover lesson! 😀

Violante sat on the edge of his bed and looked at the chocolate bars in the basket. Kinder Buenos, Snickers, Milka Huesitos, M&M’s, Milka Oreos, and Cadbury Tokkes. It might as well have have been a basket of excrement for a man with his refined palate for chocolate.


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