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Summer is here! Spring is gone and it’s time for my Bookish Bingo 2015 Ready for Spring Wrap-Up post. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, let me tell you all about it. Bookish Bingo is a bookish challenge hosted by the bookish minds behind the Great Imaginations blog. It’s a tri-monthly event in which you read books according to the categories on the bingo card. It’s a great way to keep your reading choices current and for me, it’s a great way to not fall into the trap of reading only one genre. Diversity in reading is fun.

Anyway, this is my wrap-up post. These are my results:

The months of April, May and June where great reading months for me. I managed to read 24 books. Out of those books, only 19 made it into the categories on the bingo card. This is the fourth time I join this challenge. I know readers that manage to fill out the entire bingo card. I’ve said it before, I choose to take baby steps to fill my card, because I don’t base my reading choices on the Bookish Bingo card only.

For the 2015 Ready for Spring challenge my goal was to get 4 BINGOS aaaaaaannnnnndd:

I did it!!

dance animated GIF

So, let me call it:


Here’s my 2015 Ready for Spring Edition Bookish Bingo Card:

Bloggeretterized 2015 Ready for Spring Bookish Bingo Card

3 horizontal Bingos and 1 vertical Bingo!

Books read (blue ones make the Bingos):

  • Aussie Author: Portraits of Celina by Sue Whiting |Raiting: 4/5| READ THIS! Celina O’Malley was sixteen years old when she disappeared. Now, almost forty years later, Bayley is sleeping in Celina’s room, wearing her clothes, hearing her voice. What does Celina want? And who will suffer because of it? A ghost story. A love story. A story of revenge. The ending will creep you out and gives the phrase Art is subjective a whole new meaning.
  • Reread: The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron |Raiting: 2/5| The story of Sera James and her journey to find true love while uncovering the truths behind the life of Adele Von Bron, a virtuous violinist, daughter to an Austrian member of the Third Reich who ends up in Auschwitz.
  • Classic: Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy |Raiting: /5| A very long and descriptive book about a simple boring story of three men and a young immature woman [IMHO] in a remote farm town (I bet Hardy never expected his work to be described this way LOL)
  • Yellow Cover: Unbreakable by Kami Garcia |Raiting: 3/5| A girl named Kennedy discovers her dead mother was part of a paranormal secret society which she joins and goes on a wild scary paranormal quest.
  • April, May, June Release: Rejection Proof by Jia Jiang |Raiting: 4/5| We read about the author’s recount of how he beat the fear of rejection through a series of self-imposed challenges during a 100 day period. Good self-help book for everyone.
  • Rain or Storm in the title: Tender the Storm by Elizabeth Thornton |Raiting: /5| I refuse to even rate this bad book. A girl falls for an abusive man who kidnaps and forces her in marriage. Stockholm syndrome is not romantic. There’s no love story in this. The MC is dumb and has no willpower. Do not read this.
  • High Fantasy: Stardust by Neil Gailman |Raiting: /5| A perfect fairy tale for grown-ups. I’ll say the magic word: UNICORN!!!
  • Parental Relationships: Rain and Revelation by Therese Pautz |Raiting: 3/5| Set in Ireland, we follow Eliza’s journey to find out the truth about her origins. Don’t be fooled by this Kindle Freebie, it deals with subjects such as incest, suicide, abuse, therapy and other real life hard topics.
  • Bullying: The Story of Awkward by R. K. Rials |Raiting: 3/5| Good Kindle Freebie. It’s basically about Peregrine a girl and how bullying affects her life. Peregrine likes to sketch her woes in a notebook in which she created an imaginary world where everything is supposed to be in her favor. Something happens and she is trapped in her imaginary world with the bully she thought she hated.
  • WWII: At the Water’s Edge by Sarah Gruen |Raiting: 4/5Maddy and her rich husband are cut off their wealth. They embark themselves in a journey to find proof of the existance of the Loch Ness monster. A journey that makes Maddy discover what true love is.
  • Horror: Within these walls by Ahnia Alborn |Raiting: 4/5| Great book that I read in one night. The perfect balance of horror and paranormal thrills in a story that is a mix between The sixth sense and the Age of Aquarius. Read this.
  • Green Cover: Duplicity (Spellbound #2) by Nikki Jefford |Raiting: 2/5| In the first book of this trilogy Graylee shared her body with her twin, a Freaky Friday-ish story. In this book, Graylee wakes up to find she has a double. And so we read her journey to find which of the two is the real one.
  • Illustrated Cover: Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell |Raiting: 3/5| The love story of Eleanor and Park. A story about first love between two misfits who belong together.
  • Part of a Trilogy: Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins |Raiting: 2/5| Second book in the Anna and the French Kiss Trilogy. Lola is a quirky girl who falls for the boy next door. Another self-explanatory title.
  • Nonfiction or Memoir: Aviatrix: First Woman Pilot for Hughes Airwest by Mary Shipko |Raiting:4/5| Mary Bush-Shipko tells us her empowering story on how she became the first female pilot for Hughes Airwest and the rough times she went through in a testosterone filled world who didn’t accept women as their equals.
  • Historical: A Sparrow in Terezin by Kristy Cambrom |Raiting: 2/5| Second book of the Masterpiece Series. We again follow Sera James and her struggles now as a married woman and how her life is linked with the life of another woman from the past: Kaja, a half-Jewish girl who lives in France and survives the war as a teacher to little kids in a camp at Terezin.
  • Plants on the Cover: A Love that Never Tires by Allyson Jeleyne |Raiting: 4/5| Great Kindle Freebie. The love story between Linley, an archealogist daughter and Patrick, a wealthy gentleman. A great journey that takes you to the jungles and the archaeologic expeditions of the past century. Don’t be fooled, it’s a love story, yes, but it’s not the typical and they lived happily ever after boring one.

Once again I want to thank Great Imaginations for this fun challenge. I couldn’t sign up for the June-August bookish bingo challenge, because I didn’t know it wasn’t hosted by Great Imaginations anymore. It’s now hosted by Bekka, the creator of the challenge, on her blog. The deadline to sign up was June 16th. But be sure to check her blog for the next one. 

Did you sign up for this challenge? How did you do?