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I know, I know, charming princes only exist in animated fairy tales…but hey, can’t a girl dream a little?

HRH Prince Carl Philip, Prince of Sweden, Duke of Värmland had been my dreamy prince charming until his wedding this past weekend. I’ve never been a Will or Harry fan. For a very brief time HRH King Felipe VI of Spain caught my attention but it was something ephemeral. My royal dreams have had one main man: Prince Carl Philip.

I grew up with him. We’re in the same age group. I don’t know what it is, but he had that certain je ne sais quois since his childhood that drove me to him. And he grew up to be one handsomely attractive man.


Even at the other side of the world I’ve been able to follow his life through the little news we get here. The Swedish royal family seem so cool. They have always looked so laid back and so different from the other royal houses that are still left in the world.


King Carl XVI and Queen Silvia always look so friendly and down to earth. And their children always looked like they lived a happy family oriented life and not a rigid, filled with rules life. (Kudos to their PR people who made it look this way.)


But this is not about the Swedish royal family, it’s about Carl Philip.


Just look at him!


I think that not being the first in line to the throne is what gave him the liberty to look so comfortable in his skin.


If I saw an online profile of a man like him, with those cool interests I’d be swoon.


This man was the prince charming of my fairy tale dreams.


But sadly the time has come to say goodbye to him. He is a married man and I respect that.

© Mattias Edwall, Kungahuset

The press says he married a  “high school drop out”, “waitress”, “semi-nude model”, “stripper”, “porn model”, “topless model”, “former reality star”.  I prefer to say that he chose a commoner to be his lawfully wedded wife.

The fact that he chose a commoner makes him look like my dreams weren’t that crazy. He was an attainable dream for us common ladies in the world!!! Emphasis on was.

His choice says a lot about the kind of person he is. Swedes are pretty open minded but there are some sensationalists who might enjoy drilling him on how he left his girlfriend of 10 years for a woman that didn’t precisely attract him for her virtue. But who am I to judge? To me, he is prince charming. I choose to think that he chose with his heart in a Michael Boltonish way. The man loves this woman. Just read his wedding speech and see that his choice represents who he is and who he wants to be. He is crazy in love with his wife. In her he found a woman whose intellect, commitment and courage inspire him. He is in love. He is a firm believer that love conquers all. End of story.

And so my friends, my time to stop daydreaming about Prince Carl Philip has come to an end. He is my last prince charming. There are no royals close to my age to daydream about. So this is it.

Adjö my prince. Thank you for the dreams. May God bless your marriage and may you have a long happy and fulfilled life.

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I’m excited for my new dreams! 😉

p.s. Check out the wedding. It’s not your normal royal wedding. It’s worth to watch. Let me just say 4 words: Coldplay, Rhianna, Sister Act. Yes my friends, that’s how cool those swedish royals are.

p.p.s To my male readers, sorry for the estrogen infused post. I’ll try to keep it neutral the next one. 😉

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