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I saw this the other day on TV. It’s supposedly a true story.

A 16-year-old girl sued her father asking the judge to have her mother institutionalized or grant her emancipation. How does that sound?

The story is that they had a happy ideal family: mom, dad and the girl. Time went by and it was until her 12th birthday that her parents conceived another child. Her parents were in their 40’s and knew the risks. Unfortunately, the mother suffered some complications before giving birth which left her in a vegetative state. It’s been four years since that and now the girl “can’t stand to watch her mother poop herself without control” (her words exactly), she is tired of the hospital smell of her house, and of the lack of attention from her father, who has devoted his life to his job and to take care of his wife.

During these four years this girl turned to a teacher at school, who she feels has been there for her and has taken the role of her mom and she would be more than happy to see her dad rebuild his life and marry her teacher. That is why she needs the judge to order him to get her mother into a facility for the sick and terminally ill. If that is not possible, she wants to be emancipated so she can leave her house and start a life elsewhere.

The father’s point of view is that he can’t possibly just get rid of his wife. The doctor’s opinions are contradicting. Some tell him that his wife might get better and others tell him that her condition is permanent. He is aware that this situation has strained his family to the limit, he has felt like he needs to rebuild his life and move on, but he is a man of his word, and he has an utter respect to his marriage vows. He can’t just abandon his wife just because she is in that condition, she is alive and he wants to be faithful to his vow to be with her in sickness and in health until death do them part.

The judge’s decision was the following: the girl got her plea; a court order was issued so that the mother gets 24 hour care in a facility and told the man to rebuild his family with the teacher.

I’m not going to get into the fact that this 40+ year-old man gave permission to his 16-year-old daughter to sue him. Was that the excuse he needed? I’m also not going to get into the fact of how can a 16-year-old feel she has the right to decide the fate of the woman who gave birth to her. Would her mother get rid of her if she was the one in the vegetative state? Would she feel the same if it was her father who was sick?

What I need to say is this:

When two people decide to get married, they must be aware that marriage is permanent. You have to be fully aware that you have decided to be willing to stick it out no matter. Yes, there are a few circumstances where a marriage can be annulled, but no one should get married if he or she thinks that if it doesn’t work like you wanted it to, you can get out.


I repeat, in sickness and in health leaves no room for unless. Marriage vows are clear. The “deal” ends only until death does you part. There hasn’t been a person who has said at the altar/in front of the judge: “In sickness and in health unless you become a vegetable, than you would still be my wife/husband in theory but I will get a new wife/husband for the practical part”.

Marriage vows are said out loud and in front of witnesses for a reason. I feel it’s such a shame that over time, giving one’s word is becoming something of the past. I think it is very important for everyone to never forget that if you give your word, you must keep it, fulfill it. Are kids still being taught this? We need more men and women of integrity in this world.

The following quote is very true:

Keeping-your-word-quote-by-Michael-Hyatt-via-BloggeretterizedI hope the family on the TV show, aren’t paying the price and are living a regret free life, full of peace and happiness.

What do you think about this?