No, it’s not a typo. Today is Throwback Monday at the Bloggeretterized blog.

Yes my friends, it happens that I’m not feeling so great today. I’m sitting here writing Monday’s post but I know it is not worth of your blog reading time, so it will just sit on the draft pile until I feel better to finish and edit it.

In the meantime, it’s Throwback Monday on this blog, so check out 5 of my past Monday blog posts in case you’ve missed them.

[Mon, May 4th 2015] SPRING-ish: Masterpiece Jewels. From my SPRING-ish series, a post that is full of colors and sparkles and spring-ish fun.

[Mon, Mar 16th 2015] Books saved my life. A little window into my life.

[Mon, Nov 3rd 2014] How I recovered my files from my “dead” unbootable hard drive. The title is self explanatory.

[Mon, Apr 8th 2013] Rorschach-ing Day: About Vision It’s been a while since I did one of these. An image that makes you think.

[Mon, Feb 27th 2012] The late 90’s This one is a throwback-ish post to that decade that sometimes seems so far far away.

I know I said 5 Throwback Monday posts but since I’m not feeling that rocking today, this one is so appropriate for me:

[Mon, Feb 6th 2012] Manic Monday Survival Gif Hope this post makes you smile like it just made me. 🙂