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Random Thought of the Day: The age of Embryos by Bloggeretterized #RTOTD

Science rocks. We’ve come a long way. We can do amazing incredible things with science these days. But can you believe we’ve come to the day and age where people can sue one another over the custody of embryos?

I know this has been a sort of media craze over the last few days and I’m not getting into the Sofia Vergara – Nick Loeb thing (that would be a topic for an utterly long post). I’m just amazed at all the unexpected implications that can come out of our own scientific creations.

What seemed impossible a century ago is now a reality. Isn’t it amazing how there are human beings waiting for a shot at life unfrozen? We’re at the Age of Embryos.

And speaking of age, all these scientific advances are making age sort of confusing in my humble opinion. We celebrate birthdays, that is we define our lives by the date we came out of the womb, regardless of our time of conception. To us those 8-9 months in the womb don’t make a remarkable difference.

Technically, embryos can be frozen forever, and there are cases in which twins or triplets have been born years apart.

If your twin or triplet is born let’s say 16 years after your were born, wouldn’t that make that baby also 16? I mean, embryos start life together. Their cells were created at the same date and time. The fact that we can now choose to freeze human cells and let them keep developing years later is amazing, but does it also freeze age? Doesn’t this give the phrase “old soul” a whole new meaning?

I don’t know if I’m making sense, it’s just one of my random thoughts of the day. A thought that I’m sure will keep my brain cells busily tumbling around in my head. 😀

Disclaimer: I’m not an expert in IVF and all that stuff, and I’m sorry if I sound crazy and don’t intend to insult anyone who is passionate about this topic.



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