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SPRING-ish. A series by Bloggeretterized to get you in the spring-ish mood.Spring is the season of renewal, regrowth, rebirth. I don’t know about you, but at least for me, when I think about spring, happy things, cheerful colors, pleasant thoughts, peaceful lively days come to mind.

With these series of posts, I’ll share with you things I think will get you into the SPRING-ish mood.

I don’t know about you, but I like gadgets. In this edition, I leave you with 10 lovely gadgets that scream spring and I know that they for sure will make you feel SPRING-ish.


10 SPRING-ish Gadgets by Bloggeretterized Blog Series


1. Floral Charles Viancin Wine Stoppers

Floral Wine Stoppers | 10 SPRING-ish Gadgets by BloggeretterizedDesigner Charles Viancin developed these wine stoppers in shape of a Lily Pad, Sunflower and Hibiscus made with dishwasher safe BPA-Free food grade silicone. They’re corkscew design ensures easy corking of your wine bottles. They make a water tight seal to prevent leaks and wine oxidation. Perfect for your Spring wine sessions. Price: Set of 3 $7.55



2. Floral Trudeau Wine Glass Charms

Floral Trudeau Wine Glass Charms | 10 SPRING-ish Gadgets by BloggeretterizedKeeping up with those spring gatherings with family and friends, these are a charming way for your guests to mark their wine glasses in a total SPRING-ish way. These come in sets of 12 dishwasher silicone wine charms in 4 floral shapes with a 5 year warranty. The flower stem wraps around any wine glass. Price: $7.99 93% OFF (Save $105.01)


3. Floral USB Car Cellphone Charger Adapter

Floral USB Car Cellphone Charger | 1- SPRING-ish Gadgets by Bloggeretterized

Perfect for emergency charging your iPhone, Android phone or tablets via USB. It is available in different colors and it lights up in the dark. Price: $7.99


4. Floral USB Portable Humidifier

Floral USB Portable Humidifier | 10 SPRING-ish Gadgets by Bloggeretterized

A lovely looking gadget with a varied array of uses. It is plug and play, you just need a cup of water, put the humidifier like a real flower, connect the USB power and enjoy a facial spa at home, the office, on the road, etc. It operates silently and if that is not enough it automatically stops the operation every 3 hours. A Spring-sih power saving gadget. Price: $12.98 (49%OFF)


5. USB Scent Flower

USB Flower Scent | 10 SPRING-ish Gadgets by Bloggeretterized

How many times have you needed a break from your computer, but couldn’t afford to leave your seat? Thanks to this wonderful gadget, your Laptop can now give you a relaxing aromatherapy to get you in a SPRING-ish mood. Just drop in one of the aroma refills and you’re on your way to transforming your work space into a friendlier, more stress-free environment.

Available in 4 lovely SPRING-ish fragances that last you 3 months, this is a perfect thing for the office, perfect gift for friends and loved ones. Price: $18.40

6. Kizmos Flower Tea Infuser

Flower Pot shaped Tea Infuser | 10 SPRING-ish Gadgets by Bloggeretterized
Do you love tea? This adorable dish washwer safe flower shaped tea infuser will make your tea time feel SPRING-ish. Can’t get cuter than that! Price: $ 10.14


7. Red Rose USB Flash Drive

Red Rose USB Drive

Store your information in SPRING-ish style with this 8GB Red Rose USB flash drive. Compatible with both PC and MAC, this high speed 2.0 data transfer drive is a fun spring-ish gadget to store and carry your files and documents. Price: $8.90 (64% OFF)


8. Flower pot and Caterpillar 4 port USB Port

Flower Pot / Caterpillar shaped USB 4 Port Hub | 10 SPRING-ish Gadgets by Bloggeretterized

A unique spring-ish way to connect 4 usb devices at once. These USB ports scream SPRING! They are standard USB 2.0, USB 1.1, USB 1.0, with transfer speeds of 1.5/12/480 Mbps, and compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7 or Mac OS 9 or above. Price = Flower pot: $9.98 / Caterpillar: $25.84

9. Flower Shaped USB Mini Cooling Fan

Flower Shaped USB Fan | 10 SPRING-ish Gadgets by Bloggeretterized

A lovely flower shaped fan, with 5 blades that works in 2 speeds, perfect for those hot spring days. A SPRING-ish gadget for the home or office. Price: $7.59


10. Mini Lily Tree LED Lamp

Mini Lily Tree LED Lamp | 10 SPRING-ish Gadgets by BloggeretterizedA fantastic miniature LED bonsai lamp. Perfect for the home or office to give a SPRING-ish ambiance. It comes with flexible stems so that you can give your lamp tree the shape you want. The LED bulbs have low energy consumption and give out a lovely glow. Battery operated. Price: $9.20 (54% OFF)


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Till the next one dear readers. 😉



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