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SPRING-ish. A series by Bloggeretterized to get you in the spring-ish mood.Spring is the season of renewal, regrowth, rebirth. I don’t know about you, but at least for me, when I think about spring, happy things, cheerful colors, pleasant thoughts, peaceful lively days come to mind.

With these series of posts, I’ll weekly share with you things I think will get you into the SPRING-ish mood.

There’s nothing more SPRING-ish than Easter eggs. If you read my previous post (part 1),  I shared with you 13 bright colorful ideas for crafting fabulous Easter Eggs. In this post I’ll share more ideas so you can get as creative as can be and see that in terms of making memorable Easter Eggs, there are no limits for your creativity and imagination.


Here’s a very crafty technique to make super artsy eggs:

Do you have extra fabric around the house? How about covering your Easter eggs with fabric?

Do you decoupage? You can use many different materials. Check these out:


25 SPRING-ish Egg Ideas #Easter

18. Ribbon or Fabric tape (Image uploaded by kakuso takasu on Flickr)


If you want your eggs with a vintage style:

Nail polishes come in infinite colors. You can also use them for your Easter eggs like so:

Are you nocturnal? How about Easter Eggs for egg hunts at night?

And last but not least, how about String Easter Eggs?

There you have it. Aren’t these 25 ideas great? Did you get inspired? Are you feeling SPRING-ish yet?

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