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SPRING-ish. A series by Bloggeretterized to get you in the spring-ish mood.Spring is the season of renewal, regrowth, rebirth. I don’t know about you, but at least for me, when I think about spring, happy things, cheerful colors, pleasant thoughts, peaceful lively days come to mind.

With these series of posts, I’ll weekly share with you things I think will get you into the SPRING-ish mood.

Today is Easter Day. You can’t get any more SPRING-ish than that. I don’t know about you but the sole fact of saying the word Easter reminds me of Spring. And there’s nothing more SPRING-ish than: Easter eggs.

You might say, what’s so special about little colored eggs?

Well my friends, it’s a fantastic craft to get you in the SPRING-ish mood. Wether for decorative purposes or if you or the kids in your families participate in Easter egg hunts or like in my case “confetti eggs*, there’s no denying that these little colorful eggs are a happy SPRING-ish thing.

If you haven’t tried it or are looking for ideas for Easter eggs, I’ve found some pretty awesome egg-citing ones that take Easter eggs to a whole other SPRING-ish level.


Easter eggs are traditionally dyed. Here are a few ideas of different ways to dye them:

If you don’t have time to dye, you can go the quick way and create fabulous eggs with spray paint, like so:

You can get your artistic vein out with these fabulous ideas:

Not feeling that artistic? There’s always the white paint pen doodling way! Check it out:

Do you Crochet? How about these ideas?

Did you get inspired? Feeling SPRING-ish yet?

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the 25 SPRING-ish Easter Egg Ideas.

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* “Confetti Eggs”: We don’t host egg hunts but I have fond memories of my childhood where our Easter eggs were full of confetti and we had delightful times cracking the eggs on each other! We handmade our confetti, so some pieces were too little and taking them off our hair was a wild adventurous task! 🙂


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