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Dear Readers,

You might be wondering where I am and why my usual 3 posts a week haven’t been published on my blog?

Well, remember I told you I’m my mom’s primary care giver? By the way, she’s doing so much better now. Tomorrow she’s going for her 1 month after check-up and we’re excited about it because she’s been recuperating very well.

As you can imagine, finding time to blog these days has been difficult. And now my friends, it definitely is not possible for me to peacefully sit and blog like I normally do because I’m in the midst of moving!

I’m so excited to move into this new place! 🙂 It’s so illuminated, airy and it makes me happy just to think of it. It makes me believe that changes are so good. Yes my friends, we must embrace changes and evolve.

I’ll be really busy this week. My moving deadline is February 15th, So I’m taking a little break from the blog while I pack, pack, pack. Actually it’s more like sort, trash, pack, carry, unpack, clean, order, trash, breathe, eat, drink, smile. 🙂

But don’t think there’s nothing to do on my blog while I’m on this break.  In case you’ve missed any of my posts you can check out my original features:

  • WEDNESDAY FUEL: An image, a thought or both that will help you freeze, delete, rewind and press play. That extra fuel to keep you going.
  • OASIS: A showcase of the work of various artists, that provides refuge, relief or pleasant contrast for your soul.
  • READ & REVIEWED: Need a book for the weekend? Check out my thoughts and rambles on books I’ve read.
  • RORSCHACH-ING DAY: A collection of captivating images that evoke different thoughts. Your personal Rorschach test of sorts.
  • GOOD FINDS, GOOD READS: The world wide web is full of these. ICYM them, I share them with you.

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Blog you soon!

MJ @Bloggeretterized