Hello there! I’m back!

I know we’re well ahead into the new year and everyone has already posted their New Years posts and stuff, but as you’ll read ahead, my New Year 2015 started today.

I didn’t get to celebrate the end/beginning of the year like everyone else did on December 31, 2014/January 1st 2015. Why? Well, because life is full of unexpected turns. My mom got sick on December 29th, so sick that she had to be hospitalized. (She’s a healthy woman who doesn’t drink and eats healthy but after Christmas she had been under a huge amount of stress and that was a trigger for her illness. She was diagnosed with Cryptogenic Pancreatitis.)

We spent a very unconventional New Years at the hospital. We’re back home now, but as her care giver, you can imagine how hectic and not normal my life has been. As a matter of fact, I hadn’t planned to blog today, January 12th, but I’m glad I could squeeze a little blogging time today, because it is a special day for the Bloggeretterized community. 😀

I’ve been blogging a while and I don’t know why I hadn’t told you guys what day is today.

Today, my lovely readers, is my birthday! 😀

So after all, life has given me a great chance to clean my slate and finally say to you all:

May you find in each and every day of this new year the inspiration, energy, motivation and happiness, even in the smallest of things, to keep you going. May you fulfill many different dreams and goals. May 2015 be one of the good years of your lives.