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Dear Readers,

I am going to have to take a little hiatus from blogging. No, I’m not quitting, I’m still in love with blogging like the first day. After all, I’m Bloggeretterized and don’t plan to stop being that.

I’m just having some technical difficulties, a. k. a. my laptop doesn’t boot. I’ve pressed F8 like crazy and it just beeps and beeps and doesn’t load the recovery mode. 😦 I’ve lost all my contacts in the IT world, and call me cheap or whatever, but I’m broke and I refuse to pay the ridiculous expensive fees the computer shops charge here to repair my laptop, when I know it has to have a simple solution.

I could blog from my phone but I don’t like to. So, while I figure out how to CPR my laptop I’ll be MIA. But, like Arnold once said:

In the meantime, please be my guest and have fun reading my old posts, in case you haven’t read them all. 😉

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Or check out your favorite posts which are always displayed on my side bar or just read whatever you want till I return. 😉

See you soon!


MJ, aka Bloggeretterized 😉