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To Lift Her Up by Brooke Shaden

To Lift Her Up by Brooke Shaden

How many times have you felt that you just can’t keep going on? We’ve all been there or will be at some point in life. But isn’t it amazing how when we feel we are about to lose hope, God, the Universe, or whatever it is you believe in, surrounds you with someone or something to lift you up?

Be it a friend, a relative, a stranger you just met, a pet, a flower, a book, a phrase, the sunset, the sunrise, a sound, a smell, etc., there is always someone or something around you.

As I see this picture, of course the duck lifting this girl up is obvious, but look at the picture closely. Look at the girl. Do you see what I see?

Look at her feet. They are firmly grounded. This wonderful photograph is for me a reminder that even though you think you can’t keep on, despite how foggy the situation is, if you stay firmly grounded in what you believe in, you will be able to keep going. Sometimes you just have to let yourself be lifted up, but the important thing is that you can always keep going on. Nothing can stop you unless you let it.

And you what do you see?


Image Credit:
Artist: Brooke Shaden (USA)
To lift her up
March 29th 2012.
Conceptual Photography.