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Crossposting is the act of posting the same message to multiple information channels (forums, mailing lists, or newsgroups) in such a way that reading software can relate copies of this message on different information channels. Crossposting is advantageous to the poster because it increases a number of answers.

A couple of years ago, I wanted reading to be part of my life again. I had been an avid reader but had lost the habit. I slowly started to make time in my days to include reading. I went from reading one or two books a month to 10 books according to my reading record from last month.

As part of my “getting the reading habit back” mission I decided to document my readings here on the blog, by sharing my book reviews. I also joined reading social media outlets such as GoodReads (GR) and BookLikes (BL), where I ventured in crossposting my book reviews. I’ve been doing this for a while but I’m not so convinced on how beneficial this is for my blog.

In terms of blog visitors, I have been getting a lot of love from the book blogging community especially from the readers on BookLikes. I’ve found a group of people who enjoy sharing their opinions on books as much as I do, who share my same sense of book humor, comment on my updates and thoughts of my reads and who have checked out my blog. I haven’t found the same social experience on GoodReads. Even though I keep my GR profile updated, I don’t think my reviews get read much in that platform, as I don’t get comments about them. Also according to my blog stats, in 2 years of blogging only 3 people have come to my blog via GoodReads. Yes, 3 people.

The Bloggeretterized Blog is my home base. It is not a book blog only, but book blogging is a big part of it. Because of this lack of visitors from cross-posted book reviews and because I felt like I have been spamming the world wide web posting the same content in 3 different sites, I stopped posting full reviews on GR and BL. My reviews are always sort of long 😀 so I post not a snippet but the highlights of my review with a link to the full review on my blog, in hopes that those who are interested in reading more of my thoughts come to the blog. I’ve researched and the general word out there is that people get annoyed when they see such links, especially those who are reading reviews on their phones. 😦

Ideal-Crossposting-Diagram-by-BloggeretterizedAs bloggers, newbies or professional, we all want to put our voice out there. We use social media and different tools to get it done, in hopes that people find us, come to our blogs, and become regular readers. But in terms on book reviews as far as I’m concerned cross-posting doesn’t work for my blog.

In my humble opinion, the only ones who benefit from cross-posted book reviews are authors, because of the buzz created on their books. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against helping them, especially those who have given me the privilege of reading their work beforehand. But it would be nice to get a “slice of my pie” too, yes my pie, because I’m the one sharing my thoughts and not getting feedback on them.

So I ask: Do you cross-post? What do you think about cross-posting? Yay or Nay? Does it work for you? Do you have any cross-posting tips for me?