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Thriller Classics YA

July was a great month for reading. Once again I broke my own record. 10 books! I’ve had a great summer of reading. I hope I can keep it up once I go back to work. We’ll see if I can.

July was a month of variety regarding the genres I chose. No cozy love stories this month but very interesting ones that took me to a lot of different places. I kept listening to YA. Had to find out what happened next to the “beautiful creatures” in Gatlin, South Carolina and also enjoyed listening to Sarah Drew’s voice as she tried not to be sick with “amor deliria nervosa” in Portland, Maine.

For my Classics I was glad I finally got to read about pirates and treasures and traveled back in time to that mysterious island no one knows exactly where it is. And then I followed Esther’s journey to recover her mental health in New York.

My mystery reads, took me to England, where I followed a loving mother in her mission to find out what happened to her teenaged daughter and then Dean Koontz took me to “the city” where I followed a charming little boy with prodigious musical talent and his Asian friends to catch some really bad crazy people. On the thriller side, Stella Rimington took me on a wild journey all over: Paris, UK, Yemen (first time I book travel over there!) on a mission to catch bad guys smuggling dangerous weapons.

Tom Rachman on the Fiction part of my reads, took me all over too. He made me follow Tooly on her travels to the UK, Italy, Australia, Bangkok, and NY to find out about her past. And the non-fiction read of the month took me to Denmark, where I learned that happiness at work is possible, it’s a choice only you can make and I also learned there’s a town in Denmark called: Middlefart! (I keep giggling like a pre-schooler every time I remember this! 😀 )

My July summer bookish travels were fun! Oh the places I went! 🙂

  • July’s Book: There were four, 4 stars books this month! It’s hard to pick just one up. But I chose the one that surprised me the most in the sense that I never expected to like it so much: Treasure Island.
  • July’s Cover: You know I drool for teal so I’m torn between Delirium and  Before I wake. But to pick just one I choose: Before I Wake.
  • July’s Fail:No fails this month! It was a great enjoyable month of 3 starred and 4 starred reads.
  • July’s Score: 3.5 (average book rating this month)

I’ve been reading a lot in the morning after I wake up and am enjoying it a little too much. What’s your favorite time for reading?

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