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Random Thought of the Day: Do fireflies pee?I was walking my dog like I normally do every morning. Well, not walking but helping my dog walk on his doggy wheelchair. Anyway, it was a beautiful sunny morning. Doggy is doing his thing. Kung Fu, my pet rabbit, came to say hi so I pet her with my right hand. At the same time I hold the doggy wheelchair to prevent Mr. Spot from falling with my left hand.

All of a sudden I feel something tickling my left hand. I look and see a firefly. Yes it is early in the morning, you’d think fireflies were not morning bugs after glowing in the dark all night long. 😀 But here is this little flying bug walking on my hand.

I of course greet my tiny friend. The bug stops walking and just sits there on my hand. It’s like the bug is watching me saying “Hi little one!“. And I don’t think the bug liked it.

I finish my greeting. I feel the bug staring at me but then, it flies away leaving a tiny orange drop of liquid on my hand. 😮

I stare at the drop and think I must take a pic. But it evaporated from my hand in the seconds it took me to take my phone out of my pocket.

So I ask the world: Do fireflies pee?*

If so, I think I can say from now on: “A Firefly Peed On Me“. And that my friends, as weird as it sounds, is not something everyone can say! Right? LOL 😀

*As I ask this I can hear Dr. Schuster, my biology professor saying: “Good question for the test“.