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January is a special month for me.

For starters, there’s a little fact about me that I believe you don’t know: January is the month I celebrate my life. Yeap, this little sexy lady was born in January!

January is also special because I get to also celebrate this blog’s life. Yeap! Believe it or not, Bloggeretterized turned 2!


Happy 2nd Blogversary to me!

I wish I had the time to plan a big bloggy celebration but I don’t. I still haven’t even celebrated my birthday yet! But, even though January is about to end, I couldn’t let more time pass to say:

2-blogversary-cupcake-thank-you-croppedThank you WordPress for this window where I could freely share my thoughts with people from 92 countries in 2013.

Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers out there who inspire me and keep me Bloggeretterized.

Thank you all who have stopped by 2500 times in 2013 even if it was by mistake .

Thank you to my followers, old and new, thanks for sticking with me and reading the thoughts in my random mind.

bloggeretterized 2nd blogversary

Let’s Celebrate! Have a cupcake or two! 😉