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Hello 2014. Hear me ROAR.Hello everyone! Quoting Pauly Shore (yeah I’m old enough to quote him bwahahaha) let me just say:

I’m Ba-ack!

How are you all doing?

I’m great! I did it! I survived the Holidays with no collateral damage! Ate more sweets than expected. Drank liters of eggnog. Heard/Sang/Lipsang Michael Bublé’s White Christmas featuring Shania Twain more than 100 times. Had peaceful happy family celebrations.

But enough about the past. We’re already in 2014!!! I’m starting this New Year with a positive attitude. I’m ready for whatever might come! I’m ready to dodge the nasty balls 2014 might want to throw at me. I will make everything in my power so that everything that comes to my life is good.

I will be happy. 🙂

So cheers 2014. Bienvenue and hear me ROAR!