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YES IT’S TRUE. (image credit @not_on_facebook)

I never thought I would say this BUT I’ve been considering opening a Facebook account for Bloggeretterized. I don’t feel it will make much of a difference in the interaction between my readers and me. For random nonsense that pops in brain from time to time personal updates you guys follow me on twitter, right?

This Facebook deal has been floating in my head lately. I’m still not 100% into this idea. I mean, if I’m not interested in my personal life in being on Facebook, why would I have an account for my blog?

I know that to some, it is unthinkable that I can survive without Facebook. But you know guys, I can. I don’t need Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends. If I want to know what’s going on with any of them, I call or visit. None of my friends or family members live at a walking distance from me. In fact, I’ve got an international set of relatives and friends and I’ve managed, through the years and distance, to keep in touch with them without Facebook.

Someone told me and I quote: “Facebook is good for reconnecting with people you’ve lost track of“. I’m pretty sure that works for her and for some of you, but not for me. I’m a firm believer that people have to come and go from your life. It’s what makes you evolve. Why would I want to reconnect with people that haven’t made the effort to be around me for the long run? No, this is not selfish. It’s just common sense and mental health preservation! 🙂

Why would I want to reconnect with scumbags I once felt butterflies in my stomach for failed love “acquaintances”? If it didn’t work out romantically, why would it now work out on the friendly side? The past is the past. You have to let it go, live your present so you can have that wonderful and fantastic future you want to live.

OK, OK, Facebook is not only for reconnecting with exes, what about friends and such? My answer to that is, if you didn’t make a mutual effort to be around those person’s lives, why would Facebook make the difference? Again my friends: Change to evolve. You’ve got to keep your head looking forward. Backwards not even to gain momentum. 🙂

You want to know something? I once was on Facebook. Here’s the story:

A long time ago, in this land I call home I opened a Facebook account. I did it only to see what it was all about. I didn’t like it. I liked Myspace better (remember myspace? hahahha). You could personalize the look of your page. I learned how to code layouts. I loved to have feminine but bad-ass layouts on my myspace. (Ah the days I was young and bad-ass!! ha ha ha)

Anyway, I opened the so called Facebook account, and left it there, floating for years in Mark Zuckerberg’s flawed Matrix. Yes Mark Zuckerberg, you Matrix IS NOT PERFECT. Every once in a while I got the “you have friend requests” mail, or the “you have more friends on Facebook yada yada” mails. I ignored them.

Then I got the news that Facebook was going to let you chose your own page name. So I decided I would give Facebook a try. In my time zone, the change was going to be available at midnight. I stayed up, and I was the proud owner of a Facebook account with my name.

So now that I had a very personal FB account, I decided to finally put it to use. I started following commercial pages I was interested in, of course singers and famous people’s official pages too. Once I had my profile and likes the way I wanted them to look like, I decided it was time to follow my real life people.

The day I decide to make my Facebook profile real and available to my friends and relatives, I can’t log into my account and get an email where they tell me my account was blocked because I was stealing someone else’s identity. And that is my BEEF with Zuckerberg 😡 and his failed useless FB Matrix.

Have you seen CATFISH, that show on MTV about people who open fake Facebook accounts, stealing people’s identity to fool others and make them fall in love with them? Why Mark Zuckerberg (not that I think you would read this but in case you do), why doesn’t FB ban those liers deceiving false pretentious pricks from your matrix? Why do real harmless people like myself have to be left out?

I tried contacting FB doing what they told me to do if I felt my account was blocked erroneously. I got an email saying this issues needed time to be resolved. And you know what? It’s been years my friends and I haven’t heard back from them. Every once in a while, I looked for my FB profile and it said it didn’t exist. Wait a minute! I just checked and now someone, not me owns that profile!

Oh well, I don’t care. I’m not on Facebook. I like the sound of that status. I even like to read it, the words look cool in that sentence! 😀 I like to be part of the minority who proudly says that. I’m at peace in a personal level with that.

I understand that for business FB plays an important role. So, to finally finish this post [btw, thanks for reading me if you’ve made it this far! ((((bloggy hug))))], I ask you guys to share with me reasons you think it would be a good idea for Bloggeretterized to be on the FB circle. What would you like to see posted in there? Should I or shouldn’t I?

‘Till the next post my friends. 😉