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Oasis-Definition-Illustrated-by-BloggeretterizedMarie Klara Gonzalez a.k.a. Miss Capricho is an architect from Sweden who lives in Spain where she works as an illustrator. She was famous on the fotolog platform back in the days where that was the big thing. Even though her work has been around for a while, I recently discovered it.

Her watercolor pieces are at first glance simple but so colorful, whimsical, girly and fantastic. I especially like her Garden of Delights series. There’s something about the color combinations she uses to illustrate flowers and plants that makes me happy. Her work makes me smile.

Miss Capricho‘s watercolors are truly an oasis for my spirit. Enjoy!


Red Flowers

Birds (isn’t it great how even though it’s black and white it looks natural?)

Miss Capricho Water Colors Garden Delights Series

images by Miss Capricho