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The world-wide web is a vast universe full of these.

In the spirit of Sharing is Caring, I share my finds with you all.

Check them out.

Hopefully you’ll find, that these are:


Do you have fabulous pieces of decor in your house, but as much as you try, you just can’t make them look as fabulous as they look in the stores or in magazines?

I’ve always wondered how decorators decorate. Jackie from Teal & Lime shares in this post her tips on how to group your favorite decorating items and make them look great.

What makes them look great is dimension. Read her post to learn how to add Dimension to your decor.


Downton Abbey Season 4 started my friends! I’m ecstatic about it! I waited almost a year for this season! I’m an absolute Lady Mary Josephine Crawley wannabe! 😀

We’re already on episode 4 but this post sums up my feelings, emotions, reactions on the first episode of this season.  Are you Downton fans too? What do you think of this season? 🙂

I already wrote my two pennies on the Miley situation. And I know that by now we are all to some extent tired of the Miley Cyrus deal, but I had to share this post by Lindsey Leigh Bentley.

I thought nothing good could come out of this infamous pop singer’s performances. But this post proves me wrong.

Lindsay shares with us a deep reflection on what you can learn from it. If you are a parent or not, this one is a good read.

I love food.

I love science.

This post is a great combination of food and science.

Even if the concepts of polarization, filters and light reflection may sound weird and difficult, it is cool to see that what to the plain eye is simple high fructose corn syrup you pour over pancakes, to the scientific eye it is a fluid that has weird and beautiful powers over light.

Malala The Bravest girl in the WorldMalala Yousafzai needs no introduction. The youngest person in the world to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala is a remarkable young girl, who Christiane Amanpour assertively baptized “The BRAVEST girl in the world.” Malala DOES NOT need to take her clothes off and vulgarly lick tools to get WORLD ATTENTION and make a difference in the world.

If by now you don’t know who she is, please take a moment to visit her website, or check out the Amanpour blog or check out this video: