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What do you think when you see an old used tire? I bet you never thought you could get fantastic works of art from what to the simple eye is plain old garbage.

Wim Delvoye is a neo-conceptual artist from Belgium that has to my opinion mastered the ivory carving techniques on used tires. I find his work extremely interesting. The literal definition of finding beauty in unexpected places. It is delicately feminine and masculine at the same time. It’s a perfect fusion of intricate floral and art deco motifs with the structure and sturdiness of the old used tires.

Each piece is full of interesting details that show the great talent and imagination of this artist.

Wim’s Delvoye carved tires are an Oasis for our minds.

Bloggeretterized-Oasis-Wim-Delvoye Bloggeretterized-Oasis-Wim-Delvoye Bloggeretterized Oasis: Wim Delvoye au Louvre

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images by Wim’s Delvoye