Oh how I’ve missed the blogging world! It’s amazing how this teeny bitty time away made me realize how important blogging is to me. Be it attempting to be a blogger writting my own posts or reading my favorite blogs, I realized that not being able to do it made me feel somehow uneasy. I have so much blog reading to catch up. You guys have been busy in the blogosphere! I hope I can squeeze in enough time this week to catch up.

Blogging, tu me manques by Bloggeretterized

I also fell behind on my book reading. I need to find extra hours in my days to finish my current reads (The Trial of Dr. Kate, The Signature of all Things)  and get to my October reads. By the way, I was planning to make October a spooky and sci-fi reading month. For the Classic I was thinking on Frankenstein. If you guys have any spooky or sci-fi reads to suggest, let me know. 🙂

Anyway, this was just a little note, so I’ll leave it here in hopes that life doesn’t throw me any more curved dodgeballs to keep me away.