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Chooo choooooooo!

I need to write a blog post.

Why the need?

I don’t know, I just know I feel that way.

I got online. Even though I’m broke (my entire pay check went to pay my debt, yay me, I’ll soon get rid of my debt!! :)),  I wanted to check out, just for fun, the last of the labor day deals online (I don’t need one right now but if I did I would’ve bought this Invicta Women’s 4718 II Collection Limited Edition Diamond Chronograph Watch which is 84% off!!).

But first I checked my email, saw some pinterest updates and before I knew it, I spent a hell lot of time scrolling down this never ending pinterest board, which was full of cool pins that I want to repin but didn’t because I didn’t log into my pinterest account! I got so lost in the scrolling that I didn’t log on. Duh for me.

After 48 minutes of scrolling down I finally gave up. Watching food pins does my body no good. They made me starving hungry. So I went to eat dinner, fed my puppies, well they are not puppies anymore. Spot is 105 years old…in dog years of course. He’s my grandpa pup. The other dog is going to be one in december, so yeah he is the puppy here.

Wait, where am I going with this? Don’t know.

The fact of the matter is that I am now online, and want to write a meaningful blog post but I also want to read. August wasn’t a good month for reading. Don’t know if it was that my schedule once again changed and I had to adjust to the minor changes after summer or the books I’m reading are not my cup of tea. I think it’s a combination of both. I haven’t had much time to read, so I haven’t had much time to bond with the characters in my August reads, therefore I’m taking more time than I had planned to read.

The second day in September is almost over and I need to finally finish my August reads to get to my September reads. I definitely want to finally read The Fault in our Stars, I mean they are already filming a movie about this one, and I can’t get it off my TBR pile! But if I get lost in my reading I’m not going to post today.

I wanted to post today, because I have been pretty good at my 3 posts a week thing. I want to keep going at this blog schedule and be consistent. I usually blog in the mornings but today was a random day where I didn’t do my normal routine, therefore no morning blog post.

I could just reblog something but I don’t know if that would be a waste of your time, after all, you my lovely readers, come to my blog to see what’s up in my mind.

What if I shared with you my exact train of thoughts? It sounded like a good idea, so that’s the reason for this post.

I’m sorry if I scare you by showing you the inside of my brain at this precise moment in time. But you can look at this with wonderful merciful eyes and think: “you can’t get more personal than this weird unusual way of showing us the randomness in her mind”.

I’d better publish this before it turns out to be a never ending post full of randomness. But first, a question or two or three. Have you guys read The Fault in our Stars? What are you guys reading? Have you got lost in the Pinterest maze? What are your tactics for getting out of it before it’s too late? Did you have a good Labor Day(for my American readers), Monday for those whose countries don’t celebrate labor day today?