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Ok. Here’s the thing.

Cupcake Wars.

What up with the Kooky Outfits these bakers wear?

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C. (this one even gave away the outfit on her blog! ha ha ha)

Exhibit D.

Exhibit E.

Really? You bake/cook wearing this?

or this?

really? the messy careless hair look? I wouldn’t eat your cupcakes, afraid of getting a bezoar because of you!

Who told them Kooky = Experienced Baker whose baked goods are a delight for the taste buds?

No people. Those Kooky outfits just make you look Kooky. Period.

Ok, ok…they do it for marketing reasons. Who and what gave these people the idea that baking and cupcakes are associated with infantile looks? Who wants to go into business with people who don’t look grown up and professional?

Sigh. I’ve watched too many Cupcake Wars episodes.

I’ll go eat a donut. 😀