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Is voicemail a thing of the past? I haven’t got that Memo.

I don’t understand why people hate voicemail.

I don’t have my cellphone attached to my body. I don’t answer phone calls when I’m driving or when I’m busy at work or simply busy living life. I also don’t answer phone calls when I don’t know who is calling.

If I don’t answer your call, I don’t just check my missed calls log, I also check my voicemail. I won’t call you back if I’m not related to you. I won’t call you  back unless I know who you are, why you called me and why you want me to call you back.

When did the aversion to voicemail start?

I am in a point in life and work where I am not expecting calls from strangers. Lately, I am getting calls from a number I don’t know. This person calls in patterns of 3 calls in a row. The other day, as I was checking my missed calls log, I accidentally called this person back.

Instead of a normal tone, this person had a nasty, creepy, tacky song as a backtone. No one that I know of would get such a horrible backtone, so I immediately hung up.

Bad move.

This person keeps calling at different hours of the day and never leaves a message.

I mean if this creepy person wants to talk to me so badly, why wouldn’t he or she say something or as a last resort send a text? Why should I take the time to call this person back if he or she doesn’t take the time to let me know the reasons for calling me?

I should but I won’t, because:

  1. Texts are impersonal and
  2. I like voicemail.

Why have a phone if you are not going to talk to someone else be it directly or through voicemail? Voicemail is like having an extra ear, that comes with an integrated pause button, to which people tell me secrets that I get to listen when I have the time.

Why is it so difficult to leave a message saying “Call me, I want to talk nonsense with you.“, “Call me, I want to talk about _________.,” or better yet leave a message to say “I love you“. 🙂  Voicemail is great because you get to listen to the other person’s tone. A simple “call me” text doesn’t tell you if this person is happy, sad, angry, etc. Text messages are just that: texts, letters. Voicemail has personality.

Don’t let voicemail be a thing of the past. Yes, I know communication is in constant evolution, but virtual communication can never beat real communication. Face to face is the best, but voicemail is a good alternative. Feelings are not old-fashioned or overrated. After all, feelings are what make us human. Be human, especially when it comes to communicating with others and if you call me and I don’t pick up, please leave a message after the beep. 😉