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Summer vacations are soon to be over.

The back to school clock is ticking. The classrooms will soon be invaded by little avid humans, ready (or not) to embark into the adventure of a new school year. Yeah, this last line sounds corny, but it’s a good way to see it.

I know people who would give anything to go back to their school days. Sure, life was easy peasy back then, when all you had to worry about was to go to class, do your homework and have fun in all your extracurricular activities.

I like school and I am a supporter of stay in school campaigns, but I sure am glad my school days are over! (Even though as a tutor, I sometimes feel that I’ve been in school forever! hahaha)

The only thing I miss about my back to school days is:


I utterly enjoyed picking up my new supplies and filling my backpack with all my new stuff. Ah that feeling I got the first day, when I opened my brand new notebook or notepad and wrote in them for the first time with my brand new pen or pencil! I didn’t know what the school year would bring, but I was set with new school supplies that I loved.

That’s the only thing I miss. And I miss it during this time of the year when I look at school supplies. They get cooler every year. Back in the 80’s, we didn’t have all the cool stuff kids have now. School stuff is so fun now.

So I’ll share with you guys, what I do every year. I “window shop” for school supplies. I end up buying some of them, because as a tutor I get to use them with my students, but some of them I don’t buy. I mean, how would I look if I got out from my purse a pink sparkly scented pen for signing checks or credit card vouchers? ha ha ha

Check these school supplies out! How could you not get excited about school with these in your backpack and on your desk?

Fun Back to School Suppliesp.s. I see a trend here…an ode to the sense of smell. This is what you get when you write a blog post while hungry 😀

  1. Donut Scented Pencils 6 Pack ($5.95)
  2. Nose Pencil Sharpeners -1 dz ($6.16)
  3. Mustache Talking Pen ($6.68) Talking you guys!!! talking!!!!
  4. Multi Tip Hilighter Marker 10 Pack ($11.99) ah the endless possibilities!!
  5. Sushi Erasers 6 Pack ($4.00)
  6. Hello Kitty Diecut Safety Scissors ($8.95) you can never go wrong with Kitty!
  7. Sushi Mini Stapler ($6.99)
  8. Mr. Sketch Scent Markers 12 Pack ($6.77) Everyone has to get these at some point in life!
  9. Dog Tape Dispenser ($9.97)
  10. Cupcake Paper Clips ($8.12)
  11. Ice Cream Calculator ($5.76)
  12. Spinning Hat Rubik’s Cube Note Pad ($8.15)
  13. Mustaches Printed Duct Tape ($6.13)
  14. Keep Calm and Take a Moustache Poster ($7.99) Perfect for when you have one of those days! 🙂
  15. Portal 2 Bookends ($29.95)

More cool stuff and back to school deals at the Amazon Back to School Shop

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