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The world-wide web is a vast universe full of these.

In the spirit of Sharing is Caring, I share my finds with you all.

Check them out.

Hopefully you’ll find, that these are:


I do. I have a crunchy right knee. I had noticed it but didn’t pay much attention to it because it wasn’t something that cronic.

BUT my friends, you reach a certain age, when things start crunching more than they used to in your body. And now, I can hear the crunch everytime I bend my leg; and don’t get me started when I do sit ups (crunching galore).

I got freaked out and did a little research. Thanks to the magic of Saint Google, I found this pretty good article that tells you what to do to help your crunchy knees.

A good Read for me.

After reading Jeff Wilser’s  post about the hashtag abusers, I can say I have the hashtaging deal under control.

Jeff classified the hashtag abusers into seven types. I must admit I’ve sometimes been #TheHashtagStringer, emphasis on sometimes. I don’t think that makes me a bad person, does it?

Read the article, check for yourself to see if you are guilty as charged or not! 🙂

One of my readers, Gary, recently travelled to Vietnam and shared all about it in his blog yummylummy.com

In his post: The Vietnam Holiday summary post, he gives you plenty of tips you should know if you want to travel to that wonderful country.

Check out his other posts on his two week trip to Vietnam, they are a graphic culinary tour of that country.

Do you have an iPhone? How long have you had it? I ask you because if you are an iPhone freak, you are going to have to upgrade your “outdated” phone real soon.

If you haven’t heard yet, read this to see how much time you have left to save your pennies for your new iphone 5S.

Um, the what?

The Jostle!

Daddies-to-be of the world, you’ve all asked yourselves: CAN I POKE THE BABY DURING SEX?

I never thought it was graphically possible to answer this question.

I was wrong.

Read this, to see the answer of one of the greatest myths of pregnancy. And don’t forget, do the Jostle! (insert dancing baby here) ha ha ha 😀